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  1. Toronto Subaru Club - Hyper Meet 2011 Info

    Here is what you have all been waiting for.... the official roll in information for Hyper Meet 2011! We are going to try and streamline things this year to get you off the road and into the lots smoothly and easily! Whether you are part of a cruise or just coming on your own this is the...
  2. Want To Buy Winter Tires '07 WRX sedan

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking for slightly used winters on rims or not in the Calgary area. Lots of snow out here and a long winter.
  3. Imported WRX V-Limited

    New Member Introductions
    So First i would like to start by saying im a brand new newbie to well pretty much everything! ha ha! i just created my account today and my car is currently on a boat right now from Japan. (Yes an import :P thats another first) I guess i am just posting this Forum to ask a few questions about...
  4. Buying a 2011 STI / WRX in Canada. What is the best price one can expect?

    Car Purchasing Forum
    Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Desired Vehicle: 2011 STI/WRX Hatch Question: What's the best deal I should expect to get? How do I get it? I have been in the market for a car upgrade for quite a while now and have managed to narrow my short list down to a Subaru WRX or STI. This after...
  5. Canadian Adventure Rally 2009

    Meetings and Events
    Are you ready to partake in an amazing road rally challenge across Canada! Fire up your car engines and get ready to partake in a 4000 kilometer challenge across Canada! On July 31 2009, we will be holding the Canadian Adventure Rally. Join us on an electrifying seven day challenge through...