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  1. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Installed a CAI from Cobb on my 02 wrx and put on a new catback. noticing a loud whistling noise from exhaust when turbo kicks in, is this normal? ----> Video
  2. Engine Performance
    Oi. wondering how ppl feel about sticking with the factory intake vs installing an after market Cai in my 18 wrx. Some ppl I’ve asked have said that the factory on a wrx is technically cold already due to where the air is pulled into the engine through the front end. I see the logic I suppose...
  3. Engine Modifications
    So I'm a little confused, being new to the WRX community and all. I've seen mixed reviews, some saying its better off to just keep the stock air intake vs. a cold air intake or short ram such as a k&n or AEM being better. So i would appreciate a little clarification? I mean its a cheap mod, (if...
  4. Engine Modifications
    This is my first WRX. I dont know a lot about tuning, or aftermarket parts. I got the car and it has the SPT catback exhuast on it. I was wondering if there would be any benefit to getting a cold air intake or a short ram intake on the car? They said increased hp and torque, but would it...
1-4 of 4 Results