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  1. New Member Introductions
    It looks like I am about to purchase a 2012 WRX! I travel a lot so I am not going to get the STI, but I love the handling of the WRX and man that car is fun to drive! I need a little help. I am putting together my "order" for the car, and I have a few questions about some of the options: 1. Is...
  2. Car Purchasing Forum
    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and am asking a question that has been asked numerous times before. But let me add my twist to it. I'm considering moving from my 2001 Audi S4 to WRX. Reason - maintenance is really getting on my nerves now. My budget is $20K Looking around I found a couple of wrx...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, Im very new to the world of WRX's, STi's ect. And was looking for some help in buying one. I found one but dont know if its a good deal. 2002 WRX sedan silver 105,000 miles only mods intake and exhaust. The guy is asking 6500$ for it. Or trade my current car for it. (1998 Trans am ram air...
  4. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I need an OEM front bumper, WRB in color if anyone has one, or if not i can easily get it painted..i just need one ASAP or if anyone knows any websites where i can get one, please let me know..i have been searching and have not found one yet
  5. Car Purchasing Forum
    subaru impreza wrx 2003 100K miles 5 speed, 2.0 turbo 100k mile tune up, new clutch cd/dvd player HID's catless helix UPP, stock turboback ex. cusco 22mm swaybar minor paint marks on top $7500 any thoughts?? im new with buying wrx's really
  6. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am trying to find a black fender for an 07 wrx. Would anyone happen to be selling one? If not does anyone know where I could buy one already painted? Thanks.
  7. Vendor Archived Threads
    heres the link to the car 2004 Subaru STi: Mint Condition – Must Sell or Trade in This Week! i think its a little shady that someone would rebuild an engine and sell it right away. the guy would take 19k wat do u guys think about the car? thanks