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  1. Looking to buy an STI! 05-07 for years preferable.

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    All im looking for is not to break the bank with a brand new one.
  2. [SOLD] NJ 2004 WRX 5 spd $9699 82,421m

    Vehicles for sale
    Selling my 2004 WRX with 82,421 miles on it (will very slowly go up, not my daily), Bought at 80k miles around 3 years ago, put 2k ~ miles on it, garage kept all winter. Priced at $9,699, sold in Southern NJ area WRX has NJ inspection that is good until 2020, a pipe with catalytic converters to...
  3. For Sale 2002 FULLY BUILT WRX RACER

    Vehicles for sale
    Up for sale is my 2002 World Rally Blue Pearl WRX. First let me start off by saying this car has been extremely meticulously maintained by a Factory trained Subaru tech. The car gets driven about 1000 miles a year, with my new job I barely have time for it anymore which is what is prompting the...
  4. Building my engine...need input!(ATTN:tuning guru's)

    Engine Modifications
    Ok guys this is gonna be a long one. So i'm building my motor in my high performance class at Wyotech next year about this time. I'm going to have 3 months of shop time to put all of this stuff under my hood. Anyway here's my list, let me know if i'm missing anything. Comments and constructive...