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bug eye

  1. 2002 Automatic WRX - Project car make offer

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    Automatic 2002 WRX with 220,000 miles that is currently not drivable. Just yesterday the U-joint failed & made a god-awful noise like a jet propeller was trying to come up through the floor - I'm not sure what kind of damage occurred or didn't, but am interested in seeing if anyone wants it as a...
  2. here'z my story. new rex owner.

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    i've alway's wanted a wrx. found one i felt comfortable buying so i got rid of my yota x-runner. its an 03 bug eye. few days after i bought it i change to mobil 1 then about 2 weeks later i spun a rod bearing. so my buddy recommend this gas station. so i go up there and talk to em. don't seem to...
  3. *HELP*URGENT!!! check engine light*HELP*

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    whats up fellas! newbie here! wondering if you guys can help me out... i just bought a used 02 "bug eye" wrx, the hks sqv bov was not making the whistling sound i love to hear as much anymore. i do remember the salesman saying that it has a leak. anyways, as i was driving home today & the...