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brake pads

  1. OEM Brake Pads & Rotors?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hello everyone, I've searched this topic quite a bit, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I have a 2014 WRX Sedan, and need to replace the brake pads and possibly rotors. My car has 74,000 miles on it, and I searched online for OEM pads and rotors and found parts.subaru to offer...
  2. Low Dust Brake Pads

    Suspension & Wheels
    Found a coupon for a website called (brakesale-0930-2010) and they only sell Lomandi Brake Pads. I was curious if anyone has used them before? Are they actually low dust? I’ve been cleaning my wheels everyday with my raybestos’s and they’ve been quite loud as well...
  3. if one coil goes, do I need to replace all 4?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi, so I am a new owner of a 2002 WRX and the check engine light has come on. According to my mechanic, this could be due to 60 different things. He says my car is misfiring and usually due to coils or spark plugs. He says the spark plugs are good and that he is checking the 3rd coil and that...