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  1. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I have a buddy with a 2009 WRX. We were doing some trouble shooting and he only boosts to 9 PSI. We blocked the wastegate line and got to 13 (stock boost) and the boost solenoid bucked the car and gave a CEL for turbocharger/supercharger solenoid. We don’t know exactly what the issue is. We...
  2. Engine Modifications
    I am going to remove my EBC does anyone know which vacuum lines go where. Currently there is 1 line that is capped off from the top port of the original solenoid. The Second (bottom) is going to the intake. It looks like there are supposed to be 3 lines 2 going to the turbo and 1 to the intake...
1-2 of 2 Results