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boost problems

  1. possible boost leak?

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    Hey all, going to take the car into the dealer next week, but I wouldn't mind seeing if anyone had any experience with this. Quick info - 2011 WRX Stage 1 3k miles. Probably about half the time, and mainly in 2nd-4th gear I can hear the turbo spool, but about 75-100% (right before the next...
  2. 02 wrx boost solution??

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    alright well from what i been hearin is that since i dnt have the restrictor pill in thts the reason im not meeting my set boost. i got the ap v2. tbe and still the stock intake but i dnt know why im only peakin at 9.4. would that be my problem the dumb pill???:tongue::tongue::tongue:
  3. Boost problem/discontinuous+weaker

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    Hi guys, I have 06 WRX with 65K miles on, which happened to stay outside over whole freezing winter here in Slovakia... :whoa: ...and then a couple of problems started to occur... The problem I would like to get your opinions on is related to the BOOST. When I hit the throttle, it goes "boost -...
  4. HELP. my 02 wants to go fast but she cant...

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    I am new here and very new to Subies, the closest thing i have ever owned with a turbo was a 87 Audi 5000cs. great car! I bought a stock 02 wrx wagon two weeks ago with 80000k. It was kind of a spur of the moment buy, so i had not done my research, and went and bought a CAI first thing, i...
  5. Boosting problems !!!!!!!

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    Hey guys/girls. I have go a problem with my 95 sti wrx. I will be driving and put my foot down on the gas and it doesn't boost hard till it gets the revs up, it kind of surges a lil bit then just comes on real strong. It did it a few weeks ago then went away, and now it is back again. Any...
  6. Engine Trouble

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    Hi I have a wrx 1993 classic k reg but it seems to be having boost problems everytime im bossting the car will start jumping and back fireing and somtimes the revs cut out completly i just dont understand could anyone help me please?