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  1. Comparison: WRX vs World
    Hi everybody. So, I'm looking to buy a new car. My previous car was a legacy gt . So, my options at the moment are: 2010 WRX hatchback. It's got new clutch and water pump. Decent condition. Manual. 100k miles 2008 is250 awd 70k miles, very clean conditions. Automatic. I might be able to get a...
  2. Transmission & AWD
    US 2008 Impreza base model So I blew my 12V dash fuse using a tire pump, no biggie and replaced a fuse, block on driver-side dash. I noticed that slot 7 was missing a fuse, so I Google for the fuse map since I don't have the manual and it lists it as "Combination meter, Integrated unit 15A"...
  3. Transmission & AWD
    Has anyone encountered "AWD" light flashing in the dashboard? I've checked online, saying possible tyre air pressure issue or wheel using different size.
  4. Comparison: WRX vs World
    Can say either stock or not i just want to know where i stand within the WRX world. First time doing 1/4 mile and i had Cobb Stage 1 on it. My time was 15.60 seconds. Don't know if thats bad or good but definitely know its not the best
  5. Engine Modifications
    Im kinda a newbie at this and want to buy a turbo back exhaust. I have a 2007 wrx. i kinda want something cheaper but am willing to spend some penny in some time. what are the benifits of some and what one to try and avoid.
  6. Suspension & Wheels
    moderate to dry dirt and gravel..... lots of snow in the winter... was just wonderin,... would like to do this right thanx guys..
1-6 of 6 Results