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    I'm thinking about buying toyo proxes rr for autoX. I'm just wondering what the widest wheel and tire I can fit on my 04 sti with stock fenders. Also thoughts on the proxes rr. Also wondering what the widest cheapest light wheel yall would recommend. 17 inch wheels or 18inch wheels?
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    This 'AutoX FAQ' that I drafted for another forum was well recieved so I thought I'd post it here as well. I’ve seen a few threads and posts inquiring about how to get into AutoX, and I thought that maybe a dedicated thread just for those who haven’t participated in one, might be helpful. If...
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    The remaining schedule : Autocrossers Inc. Solo 5 (Blue Crabs) scheduled for August 28, 2010 (a SATURDAY) Location: Blue Crabs Stadium Autocrossers Inc. Solo 6 (Blue Crabs) scheduled for October 17, 2010 Location: Blue Crabs Stadium To register for AI Events, please go to...