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  1. Transmission & AWD
    So I have an automatic Subaru wrx 07 And somehow the transmission got filled with gear oil and stopped working? Causes? And I’m going to replace the transmission with another one I have but I need to know all the seals to buy for transmission to make sure I don’t have to touch the transmission...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Wassup ClubWRX!!! I have 3 things to say here: 1. Hey it's Great to be part of the Club!!! New guy here. 2. I'm buying my boss' 2002 Subaru WRX Automatic as my first car. I would've loved it as a 5 speed but as a first car I'm not complaining AT ALL! My boss kept it ALL STOCK so it's...
  3. Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I bought this trans for the valve body. I never saw it run. I sent the valve body to IPT to be modded. Never installed valve body. Price includes the trans, torque convertor, starter and IPT valve body. Located in Upland, Ca. $1000.00 firm.
  4. Car Purchasing Forum
    I've driven a 2002 M3 convertible with SMG (dual-clutch 6 speed automatic) for the last 8 years and I've been actively looking to replace it for the last 2 years. Not due to any short-comings of the M3. Quite the contrary, I have great difficulty replacing it. My criteria for the M3's...
1-4 of 4 Results