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  1. SEIBON cf hood ... Install stock air dam / splitter ???

    Exterior & Appearance
    Hey all! Just bought a Seibon OEM stype CF hood for my '04 WRX. SEIBON :: Hoods :: HD0405SBIMP-OE My race shop left off the stock air dam / splitter when installing the Seibon - it doesn't seem to bolt right on the aftermarket hood. In your opinion, should I leave the air dam completely...
  2. I need help picking a FRONT MOUNT!! HELP!!

    Engine Modifications
    Hey Everyone, Looking to throw on a front mount about now. I have spt eshaust, and intake. I need to know, do i dump the 1000+ for a name brand, or am i save paying the 400 on ebay for a no name. I would like to hear what you guys think or have tried. The sooner the better!! 2006 WRX...
  3. For Sale Brand New K&N 69 Typhoon Cold Air Intake 02-05 2.0L WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
  4. COBB air intake system?

    Engine Modifications
    Now i've read and heard short ram intakes and cai's cause turbulence etc etc causing incorrect MAF readings causing the car to run lean/rich. Cobb states they came out with this intake to counter those issues. Reviews i've read seem solid. Now looking for some personal experoence from you...
  5. Air Intake?

    Engine Modifications
    So I'm a little confused, being new to the WRX community and all. I've seen mixed reviews, some saying its better off to just keep the stock air intake vs. a cold air intake or short ram such as a k&n or AEM being better. So i would appreciate a little clarification? I mean its a cheap mod, (if...
  6. Boost problem/discontinuous+weaker

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi guys, I have 06 WRX with 65K miles on, which happened to stay outside over whole freezing winter here in Slovakia... :whoa: ...and then a couple of problems started to occur... The problem I would like to get your opinions on is related to the BOOST. When I hit the throttle, it goes "boost -...
  7. New and cant find this anywhere

    New Member Introductions
    hi i'm looking for a thread on intakes and have yet to find one. if someone could tell me what some good ones are or a link to some info that'd be great. i know the car needs to be tuned/ remapped after with some intakes. thanks -dave