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    Product Page: Kronos's Subaru Maintenance Package *FREE SHIPPING!* - $105.00 : Kronos Performance, Leading since 6th Century BC Kronos's Subaru Maintenance Package was to designed to save WRX/STI owners money while still getting very quality fluids and Air Filter as well. Our package...
  2. Pick up your AEM Dryflow Air Filters

    We now have listed on Kronos Performance's site the AEM Dryflow Air Filter in multiple sizes! Product Page: AEM DryFlow Conical Air Filter - $52.78 : Kronos Performance, Leading since 6th Century BC AEM DryFlow Air Filters: The Best Filtration AEM has reinvented the Lifetime performance...
  3. Cone filter possibility?

    Engine Modifications
    I have an 08 WRX, and am wondering if a cone filter will work on the car. I noticed a sensor that connects to the top of the stock air box, and if i were to do a cone filter the sensor wouldn't really have a place. What does this sensor do? whats it called? is it possible to get the cone...
  4. Air filter problems!!!!!! Please help

    Engine Modifications
    Iv recently fited an air filter to my car, when i went to test it on road it sounded great which is what i wanted but after i was free from trafic i put my foot down and at around 5 thoudand RPM its like the rev limiter cut in where it would normally come in at 7 thousand i think. could any one...