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access port

  1. Want To Buy Wanted Access port

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Looking to purchase a used access port that would work for my 04 wrx. The it would have to beclean so I can add my own map.looking for a Cobb access port. Leave a message or text at the 3one5-7one9-8617
  2. For Sale/Trade NY:Cobb Tuning Accessport 2.0 Engine Management Piggyback 02-05 WRX

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Cobb Tuning Accessport 2.0 Engine Management Piggyback 02-05 WRX still up for sale , pics will be posted ASAP Email me a [email protected] PM me your Offers or trades location: NY (718)
  3. Need help with AP on 06 WRX

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I have a CEL on and its pulling two codes. I dont have the codes with me right now but they are dealing with emissions. I'm new to this but I can turn those codes off right? I know I have to get a new map, maybe a custom one. My car is stock and just starting to mod it but I need to get around...
  4. FS: Cobb AP v2, Downpipe, Catback chicago

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a Cobb Turbo-back exhaust with high flow cat, and a Cobb Access port v2(06-07). Used for all of 5000 miles, I'm selling my car and want to revert it back to stock. all components in damn near perfect condition. Pm, or Email me Mofohex at Gmail dot com want to trade for stock items...
  5. access port and front o2 sensor

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    ok I am new but hear me out. I have headers and uppipe and the front o2 sensor will not screw in properly due to oversizing of the up pipe. evedently the o2 sensor tip rests against the piping? does this make sense? Anyways I had this done when i replaced my motor... another story... Damn...
  6. Cobb AP advice

    Engine Modifications
    Hey Guys, Im in need of some advice! I recently purchased a 2009 WRX 5DR, and im thinking id like my first mod to be a Cobb AP. However im just really trying to do my research first. So, is there anything i need to know before getting one? Or any dangers of running one? Thanks! Mikey