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2011 wrx

  1. Please identify this sensor / Getting Codes P0345 & P0340

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I recently purchased a 2011 WRX Limited Sedan (Stock) from a used car dealership. Coming from a BMW e60 I just finished deleting the air pump (since it failed) and installed block off plates on the motor. I noticed an unplugged sensor (circled in red) under the oil fill cap. Could...
  2. Turbo is struggling after battery disconnected

    Motorsports Talk
    Hi. So I just recently bought a 2011 WRX, doesnt seem to have many issues whatsoever but I recently got a check engine light. It was towards the o2 sensors so me and a buddy of mine who knows wrx’s pretty well jacked up the car and tried diagnosing it. Nothing seemed too bad but we decided to...
  3. For Sale 2011 WRX 5 door SPT exhaust

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    This is the axle back portion of the SPT exhaust which came off of a 2011 5 door wrx. Its in great condition (was only on the car for 11k miles) Comes with the gasket and exhaust bushings. Im requesting 2.5 million dollars for it but that's negotiable. Just kidding ehe, make me an offer...
  4. 2011 WRX - Cobb OTS Stage 2 vs E-Tune Stage 1

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, looking for your advice/wisdom for my near future plans. Currently running Cobb OTS Stage 1, 91 oct. on my 2011 wrx. I've also got the Cobb SF intake that will be installed Christmas :D I would like to either buy a downpipe and flash to stage 2, or get an e-tune for my Stage 1 +...
  5. Short Throw Shifters -- SPT, Cobb, Kartboy?

    Transmission & AWD
    Hey guys, as a lot of you know I have a 2011 WRX sedan. I was wondering if I could get your opinions/advice concerning various short throw Shifters. I currently have the SPT short throw shifter along with the SPT shifter bushing. I also just ordered the Kartboy rear shifter bushing. I...
  6. 2011 WRX bluetooth how to sync contacts?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have a 2011 WRX and have no problem connecting my phone to the bluetooth but is there a way to sync my contacts? :confused:
  7. 2011 WRX hatch invidia or magnaflow???

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have a 2011 WRX hatch and looking for a cat back exhaust i was thinking Invidia or Magnaflow both around the some price...:confused: Does anyone know which one is better? Or which one sounds better?
  8. 2011 WRX exhaust.....Invidia?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    I have 2011 WRX 5 door and want to get a cat back exhaust. But not sure which one to get. Im thinking Invidia :confused: Does any one have a good video of a 2011 wrx hatch with a Invidia cat back??? Or any suggestions?
  9. Strut Brace for 2011 WRX?

    Suspension & Wheels
    So im thinking of buying an aftermarket front strut brace for my 2011 WRX, and my question is this; will i see/ feel enough improvement in handling to justify the purchase? As far as modifications go my car is basically stock but im about to start autocrossing it and im looking to firm up the...
  10. Any WRX meets ever going on in SoCal

    New Member Introductions
    I just bought my first WRX is it a 2011 and I love it. I have had a lot of friends with WRX's and STI's and was always wanted one but never had the $$.:( But now I got one of my own.:thumbup: Anyways the day after i bought mine. My friend bought a 04' STI and we were wondering if anyone in...
  11. 2011 WRX Clutch Noise

    Transmission & AWD
    Hello all, Recently I've been dealing with an ongoing problem with my clutch pedal. I've had my turn signal replaced (which was a known issue), I've had my entire rear wing replaced due to a bad windshield washer sprayer, I've had a new master cylinder replaced, I've had a safety switch...
  12. 2011 WRX Winter Wheels - Drag DR-34

    Suspension & Wheels
    When I bought the car in January, I didn't have the extra cash for winter wheels so I just went with tires. I've been looking at these Drag DR-34s in gold: Wheel Details - Discount Tire Direct I checked the tire size of my snows and come to find out they're just like the summers: 235/45/17...
  13. Perrin Radiator Shroud?

    Engine Modifications
    does anyone know if the perrin radiator shroud fits with the stock airbox on a 2011 WRX?
  14. 2011 WRX suspension questions

    Suspension & Wheels
    So i've decided that my first mods to my WRX will be in the suspension department rather than the power department. I know my first step should be sway bars and endlinks however im wondering how much of a noticeable difference these modifications make? Also, what sizes should i be looking at...
  15. 2011 WRX Cobb Stage 1 + SF CAI

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, im thinking about ordering Cobbs accessport and upgrading my wrx to stage 1, also thinking about ordering their SF CAI for the 2011 wrx as well. Just wondering if any of you guys have these same mods and what kind of gains can be expected? Also, if I'm going to spend a grand or more...
  16. 2011 WRX Aftermarket HU & Subwoofer

    Electronics/Car Audio
    Firstly, I would like to state that I do not have my car (yet). I'm told it's about 1-2 weeks out and I just couldn't wait to start upgrading. I have already ordered: Pioneer AVH-P3300BT double-din head unit Pioneer CD-IU50V USB Cable for Ipod/Iphone Metra Axxess ASWC Steering Wheel Control...
  17. 2011 Impreza WRX - Need aftermarket BPV/BOV or no?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey fellas, just wondering, i've heard that some people say that the stock bpv for the 2011 wrx tends to leak on stock boost. is it right of me to think then that an aftermarket bpv/bov would be something beneficial? i was under the impression that it wouldn't essentially be useful unless...
  18. The official 2011 WRX oil change interval thread

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Just received this in the mail and thought I'd post it since there was a lot of confusion regarding the oil change interval for 2011 WRXs. The updated schedule (see attached) clearly states: ALL Turbo Vehicles 5W-30 Synthetic 1st Change: 7,500 2nd and subsequent oil changes: 7,500 I figured...
  19. Need To know what Intake i should get!! first engine mod..

    Engine Modifications
    So i have the new 2011 subura wrx (hatchback) and i love her.. I am making my first engine mod and thought it would be a good idea to add in an Intake. I know that i want a cold air but not sure what kind.. Anyone have any good suggestions? any advice will help.
  20. New WC Lathe Werks Copolymer Knob

    Interior Mods
    White Copolymer Knob w/ Brass Insert Standard Diameter 2.0" Engraving of WC Lathe Werks logo in Red Narrow Grooves All Around Standard Collar Height I would definitely recommend WC Lathe Werks for anyone looking for a shifter knob upgrade. Absolutely thrilled with the way it looks. Feels...