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  1. 2008 wrx vf52 swap TMIC figment issues!!

    Engine Modifications
    So this weekend I did the vf52 swap. I also installed Cobb turbo inlet, Cobb sf intake, and Rev9 catless DP. I’m going to run the TP 2.52 tune. The problem is, I think the vf52 that I bought (rev9) sits lower somehow in the engine bay, and the AVO top mount I’m trying to install is significantly...
  2. 2008 wrx fuel filter location?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Does anyone know if the 2008 wrx has an in tank fuel filter or if it's in the engine bay and I'm just missing it? I've looked up pictures on google but it's not where they are. Looking for the part online is giving me mixed signals too. In tank filters seem to stop at 2007 from what I've seen...
  3. roof rack time... OEM 08+ aero crossbars on 07 wrx sedan

    Exterior & Appearance
    does anyone know if the oem crossbar kit for the 08+ will or can be modded to fit my 2007 wrx sedan? i want this to be a seasonal thing cause i only will be using it for my snowboard, so i dont want to have to go permanent and drill holes or anything, but all the other racking systems for my...
  4. Windshield washer pump.

    Maintenance, service, and repair
    Hello, My new to me '08 WRX appears to have a busted windshield washer pump. The wipers and everything else works. I didnt see a fuse for the washers it must be on the same fuse as the wipers. Any of you ever replaced a washer pump? Do I really have to remove the bumper cover to get to it? Had...
  5. Upgrading the Brakes on my 2008 wrx hatchback

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hi All, I'm really needing some help with what to do. Iv been looking for brakes for a while but not sure what will fit my car. Can anybody HELP!!. iv been looking to get some STI brembo's or something similar. as long a make sure the disc are 5x100 will they just bolt on. also been looking...
  6. What numbers should I be expecting!!!

    Engine Modifications
    Hi all, I have a 2008 WRX ----- I am about to get some work done which includes: gt3076r .82 Perrin rotated kit, perrin FMIC, 1000cc inj, Aeromotive Fuel pump, and new spark plugs. I am getting a open source tune also, from the shop thats doing the work. I already have a TBE. the tune will be...
  7. Want To Buy '08-present WRX 17x7, 10 spoke stock wheels in GUNMETAL!!

    NES: Local For Sale Only !
    I'm looking for a set of stock 17" GUNMETAL rims/tires off a 2008 to present WRX. I'm on the Maine/NH seacoast border and would be willing to travel/meet-up. Would prefer to buy a set that have tires already on them but may consider rim only. MUST BE THE DARKER GUNMETAL COLOR WITH CENTER CAPS...
  8. '08 WRX clutch slipping in 5th

    Transmission & AWD
    I bought a used '08 WRX three months back, and it looks good and drives good, save for the clutch - it started slipping in 5th on the highway the other day. I bought it with 47,000 miles on it, it has around 50,000 on it now, and I haven't raced it or gone nuts on the clutch at all, so I was a...
  9. Stage three power package by vivid racing?is it to good to be true?

    Engine Modifications
    Hi I just bought a 2008 WRX and its my first Subaru. Traded in my 98 3000gt. I was looking for the best modifications on the web and I ran across A stage 3 performance package and I was wondering if there is anything else i would have to invest into for everything to run properlly and if the hp...
  10. HELP! my '08 wrx won't start!!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    hey everyone I have had an 08 wrx since thursday with 22k miles on it. The car won't start. at all. no lights, no nothing. it's like it is literally dead. :confused: the car is completely stock, and i'm bugging out because they say these cars are reliable but it's been a week and it's dead...
  11. My first WRX

    New Member Introductions
    Hello people! Nice to meet you all. I just got my first self-owned car. Before that I had a 1999 toyota corolla that my mom let me drive to work while i was home for summer. Now that I made enough money, I finally decided to get myself a car. I am 18 years old, and went from a 120 horsepower...
  12. 2008 WRX Perrin Stage 1 Observations/ Question

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Just installed last week, simple flash and Perrin overnight shipping for the price of ground shipping was much appreciated. Got the 93 octane map with a target boost of 17 psi (sea level). My initial driving impressions were mixed. The surge of power around 2500-3000 is impressive, but rather...
  13. Exhaust and posting help!

    Engine Modifications
    Question: I am looking for a new exhaust for my 2008 WRX. It currently has the stock exhaust and i feel that it needs a bit more.... kick. I don't want a blaring 4" exhaust, but I want an exhaust that will be a bit louder than the stock exhaust and resonate nicely. any suggestions? (Links with...
  14. ******i got a great deal on my 2008 sti******

    Car Purchasing Forum
    I got 8000 dollars off the msrp of my new 08 sti. I also got 0% financing. So if any one is thinking of getting an 08 sti just let me know all give you all the info so you can contact the dealership where I got my sti from. : )