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  1. Rolling shot

    Rolling shot

    I'm new to ClubWRX! But I just got an 06' WRX couple weeks ago, black with 80XXX miles. Currently the car is in California but I'm in Chicago. Ill be back home for the holidays so I'll finally get to work on it!
  2. roof rack time... OEM 08+ aero crossbars on 07 wrx sedan

    Exterior & Appearance
    does anyone know if the oem crossbar kit for the 08+ will or can be modded to fit my 2007 wrx sedan? i want this to be a seasonal thing cause i only will be using it for my snowboard, so i dont want to have to go permanent and drill holes or anything, but all the other racking systems for my...
  3. New Owner - SF Bay Area

    New Member Introductions
    Whats up! I can't lie, I am overly excited about my car. Just picked up a silver 2007 WRX TR about a month ago and I LOVE IT! Hahaha! I bought it from a lexus dealership that got it for a trade in. Did the car fax and it only had one previous owner with no accident history. I got in touch with...
  4. Cold weather tune?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    If I'm running stage 2 with a protune. Do I need another tune for the winter... Gets pretty cold in ny and I heard people have two tunes one for summer one for winter? Does that make sense? And is it necessary
  5. For Sale 2007 WRX TR 33k+ miles lots of upgrades

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    :blah2:2007 WRX TR Obsidian Black, 33k and change miles located in Colorado Springs, CO This vehicle has been well taken care of, never abused, always serviced at Heuberger. With a clear title, clean carfax report, no accidents, no liens and not bank owned, I have the pink slip and am ready to...
  6. For Sale COBB TUNNER 06-07 AccessPORT

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Used once paid 1100 sell for 500 Canadian or best offer. have original box and cd :D:D:D
  7. sti tmic on 07 wrx

    Engine Modifications
    what do i need exactly to put an sti intercooler on my 07 wrx... im gunna get the cobb ap and cobb tuning dp soon... should i wait until im running stage 2 before the sti tmic... or can i slap it on now with just the spt intake and cat-back...? thanks.
  8. MB gauge pod install...Help!

    Interior Mods
    So i just got my prosport boost gauge all wired in... and am in a little delay. im not sure what the best way to attach the MB pod to my dash is. the instructions don't say much, they suggested glue,double sided tape,or velcro (which all seems kinda sketchy). i figure ill most likely use some...
  9. cobb sf vs. subaru spt intake?

    Engine Modifications
    i currently am running a subaru spt high flow intake in my 07 wrx. and am looking at the cobb sf... which one will give me better results with the cobb ap... and sound...
  10. exhaust/tune help....

    Engine Modifications
    i have an 07 wrx w/ spt high flow intake and an spt cat back exhaust... i want to get the cobb accessport asap... should i go up-pipe, AP,downpipe...? or AP, downpipe, uppipe...? or AP,uppipe, downpipe...? which path is right for me? thanks...
  11. 2007 cobb ap stage 1 and 2 questions

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    i have a cobb ap on order... just have a few questions. i currently have an 07 wrx with a stp high flow intake, and a stp cat back exhaust... does anyone know how much hp gain i should expect after stage 1 with the intake and exhaust? and can i run stage 2 with the cat-back or do i need...
  12. 07 Wrx 1/4 mile times?

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Can say either stock or not i just want to know where i stand within the WRX world. First time doing 1/4 mile and i had Cobb Stage 1 on it. My time was 15.60 seconds. Don't know if thats bad or good but definitely know its not the best
  13. What kind of turbo back exhaust should i buy?

    Engine Modifications
    Im kinda a newbie at this and want to buy a turbo back exhaust. I have a 2007 wrx. i kinda want something cheaper but am willing to spend some penny in some time. what are the benifits of some and what one to try and avoid.
  14. 2007 stock Wrx vs 2006 Mustang GT

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Who would win in a 1/4 im pretty sure the stang would but by how much. how a bout at a roll? both stock cars. and dont worry if i loose ill just take him down a windy road :D abd tell him to keep up.
  15. autometer pod help?...

    Interior Mods
    gunna go with an autometer double A-pillar gauge pod. should i go with the full pillar or the short one... which one fits better?...
  16. autometer single a pillar?

    Interior Mods
    was lookin at the auto-meter single a-pillar gauge pod... any opinions?... hows the fit on an 07 wrx?
  17. which is easier? ap or tactrx what do you think... whats better?

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    i wanna get a tune... but i don't really know much about it... just looking for something reliable , good for my car, and cost effective
  18. hawkeye alliance?

    New Member Introductions
    got an 07. how do i join the hawkeye alliance. how do i get a number? someone fill me in. thanks.
  19. *WANTED* UGM Rear Bumper Cover for '07 WRX. =)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    You already know. I need an Urban Grey Metallic rear bumper cover that will fit my '07 WRX. I don't need the "guts" just the outer cover. Stock is fine, but if ya have an aftermarket one for sale, I would be interested in looking at it as well. I think the 05-07 rear are the same....I think...
  20. WTB Accessport

    North Western States
    I need an accessport for my 2007 WRX. Does anyone have one that they dont need anymore? Just let me know how much! Thankss