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2006 wrx wagon

  1. I'm a new WRX owner and need some performance advice! Read me!

    Engine Modifications
    First of all, I'm very aware that this is an extremely generic message, so please no one hassle me for asking a question so broad. Thanks! I just got my WRX about a month ago--2006 WRX sport wagon. I bought it off a guy all stock aside from the SPT short shifter kit. I went on ahead and added...
  2. Hi all! 2006 WRX Wagon

    New Member Introductions
    Hey---I'm new to the site, just got my wrx about a month ago and finally got around to joining a forum! This one looks pretty good so far!
  3. 2006 Wagon stock rear sway bar size?

    Suspension & Wheels has a 20mm rear sway bar for my 2006 WRX Wagon for $85. It is under the menu in the SPT section ( I don't remember the size of the stock sway bar.... thus 'am not sure this would be an...