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2005 sti

  1. Want To Buy 2005 STi OR 2006 WRX

    Vehicles for sale
    I am looking to Buy either of the said cars, i am willing to pay $13,000 - $16,000 Looking for a BONE STOCK car or one with small mods, Short throw and sways, new wheels ETC, IF you find or want to sell me one please reply also my time Frame to buy is some time in August, I do make websites and...
  2. 2005-2007 Wrx Sti

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Im really looking into the 2005-2007 Sti's. Is there any flaws to these years, how much would i be looking at paying (canadian) and are they hard to find from a dealer.. kinda would want Subaru dealer sales only. better service i beleive but give me your input.