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  1. Coolant leak: help identifying hose

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've got a 2004 WRX wagon, and recently it developed a severe coolant leak from a hose very close to the turbo. I know exactly where it's leaking, but I'm just having a hard time finding out what the hose is called so I can order a replacement. In the picture below...
  2. [SOLD] NJ 2004 WRX 5 spd $9699 82,421m

    Vehicles for sale
    Selling my 2004 WRX with 82,421 miles on it (will very slowly go up, not my daily), Bought at 80k miles around 3 years ago, put 2k ~ miles on it, garage kept all winter. Priced at $9,699, sold in Southern NJ area WRX has NJ inspection that is good until 2020, a pipe with catalytic converters to...
  3. Clutch Feel Changed

    Transmission & AWD
    I have a 2004 5-speed wrx. I was driving my car and everything was normal. I parked it for a few hours then when i drove it again the clutch felt completely different. The clutch was noticeably lighter when pushing the pedal in. It also squeaks when depressing it, like a hinge that needs to be...
  4. For Sale 2004 WRX 5 Speed Gearbox (OH)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    At 75k my gearbox broke on me. If you are interested please make me an offer. Thanks!
  5. For Sale 2004 STI gauge cluster

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    2004 STI gauge cluster. 78k on the odometer, excellent condition and I replaced the lense. $225 plus shipping. I'm located in pittsburgh pa email or text [email protected] or 724 344 2452
  6. What should I do?

    Engine Modifications
    I've got a 2004 WRX that's mostly stock (just changes in exhaust, suspension, and lightweight pulleys) and it has about 175,000 miles on it... Should I do any engine modifications? What should I start by doing, and is it even worth while? I'm just afraid my engine is going to blow up.. even...
  7. 2002 WRX with complete 2004 Version 8 JDM EJ20 swap

    Engine Modifications
    hey guys just got a stock ej20 engine here. but basically im looking to upgrade engine power but dont know where to start :confused: any ideas anyone? heres a little information on it. A little info about the mechanical bits: 2004 Version 8 JDM STi engine. this engine comes STOCK with forged...
  8. Cobb AccessPort Stage 1 (91 oct) WHP & Torque Dyno Charts

    Engine Modifications
    I've searched NASIOC, WRXTuners, and here, but I can't find anything. Sorry if this is a repost. Please send me in the correct direction. I'm looking for proven power and torque results of 2002-2005 (2.0L Turbo) WRX's with the Cobb AP Stage 1 tune on 91 octane.
  9. For Sale 2004 silver WRX $12,500

    Vehicles for sale
    It is time to sell my WRX. It is a silver 2004 Impreza Wrx manual 5 speed with 88500 miles and many tasteful upgrades. Clean title. Asking price is 12,500 OBO with all of the modifications on it. Call, text or PM any time (805) 279-1oo3 David Upgrades include: 18" gray rota G-force wheels...
  10. new 04 wrx..... love it!! :)

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Have had my new wrx for almost a month now. I have an upgraded muffler, cold air intake, and a manual boost gauge. What would b the next step????
  11. For Sale 2004 Wrx Bellmouth Downpipe

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Selling my ebay 2004 wrx downpipe. Selling it for $100 shipped. Located in Southern California. The Orange around the end of the downpipe is just liquid gasket. I will clean it up before it is shipped out. It does not come with gaskets. I will include the bolts for it. Need this gone ASAP!
  12. My First Subaru WRX

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Its a 2004 Subaru WRX that I bought used. Its a one owner car and has alottt of miles on it but to me it feels brand new! Tell me what you think of it!
  13. 04 WRX stock CD player ERROR

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys, So I'm about to purchase a stock 04 WRX with 72K Mi, and a stock stereo, for $12,800. One problem: the CD player does not load or eject. A different Subaru dealership told me a stock stereo would cost $600 to be replaced, ($500 parts & $100 labor). Bottom line is the original dealer...
  14. WTT: 04-05 Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood for OEM WRX/STi Hood

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I just bough a 2004 STi (Java Black Pearl) and it came with the Seibon Carbon Fiber hood. While I don't hate it, I'd really prefer the OEM one. Anyone have one to trade?
  15. 11 days away from picking up my 2004 Subaru WRX

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all. Figure I'd introduce myself. My names Pat, I'm 24 years old and just graduated from the University of Michigan. I just, today, put money down for a 2004 Rally Blue Subaru Impreza WRX. Picking it up next Saturday the 25th and I can.not.wait! I currently have a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee...
  16. 04 STi

    Car Purchasing Forum
    Ok i went to this used car lot and found a silver 04 sti with 75k miles on i got the guy down to 16,500$. The cars report is clean im goin to have a mechanic to look at it n see if its clean. The only think i am worried about is that i heard that the turbo usually goes around this mileage. PLEZ...
  17. 04 sti struts/springs on a 04 wrx?

    Suspension & Wheels
    Hey, I am looking at upgrading my suspension on an 04 wrx. I have been looking on craigslist and found a set close by for 300. It is the stock suspension off of the 04 sti. They are red with black springs and the sti tophats. Just wondering if this would be a direct bolt on for my car?
  18. 2004 Subaru WRX Cluster Gauge 4 Bulbs die together

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey guys, This is my first post. It seems my backlighting for when I have my low beams on blewout (i.e., there is no amber/orange background light). I count 3 blue socket bulbs (85066GA390) and 1 red socket bulb (85068SA000) burnt out. I believe the red socket bulb is a backlight for the LCD...
  19. 2004 WRX For Sale

    Vehicles for sale
    2004 Subaru WRX For Sale -Immaculate Condition -Black with black cloth interior -62,000 miles -5sp manual transmission -Excellent condition with a meticulous service history (Delta Imports in GR) -Used only Mobil 1 synthetic since 5K miles -Purchased brand new from East Imports (GR) in...
  20. 2004 wrx passenger headlight

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    i need one! anyone selling?