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2004 wrx

  1. 2004 WRX sportwagon stolen!

    New Member Introductions
    My beloved WRX was stolen from my driveway in LA early Thurs morning! Car was locked, alarm engaged (if beep on key fob to be believed) and 3/4 windows all the way up. Back right window was 1/2" down to ventilate wet dog smell. Filed with police and insurance. Waiting to see if it appears in...
  2. Biggest intercooler in an '04

    Engine Modifications
    I have an '04 wrx wagon, and was wondering what the biggest tmic it could fit was and what a good aftermarket radiator would be for it. Thanks for the help and great forum
  3. 2004 WRX New Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody - I am the new proud owner of a '04 WRX. It's got 89xxx miles and is bone stock. I'd love to hear any tips to keep it purring smooth. Not sure about upgrades yet. I'd like to keep it virgin for a while. Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thnx ps - Not too much to show off but...
  4. Clutch question

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Hey guys (and girls?). I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to performance vehicles, but I've recently bought an '04 wrx with a few simple mods: -3" turbo-back straight pipe -dual stage manual boost controller (rarely ever use the second boost setting) -AEM Short Ram intake -HKS bov I haven't...
  5. 2004 WRX Wagon for Sale in CA (Bay Area)

    Vehicles for sale
    2004 Stage II WRX Wagon for Sale in CA (Bay Area) 2004 WRX Wagon, Rally Blue, 5 speed manual. I purchased it new and am the sole owner, and have put all 89,250 miles on it myself (mostly highway). As you all know, we treat these things like we would treat our children, so it’s in great shape...
  6. Installing STi engine in 2004 WRX

    Engine Modifications
    Dear Club WRX; How difficult is installing a 2004 STi engine in a 2004 WRX? The engine in my WRX overheated and is wrecked. Junk yards sell used WRX engines for about $4,000, but they are not easy to come by. A new WRX engine (without turbo or intake or exhaust, etc.) costs about $6,000. Labor...
  7. help please!

    Exterior & Appearance
    my boyfriend has a 2004 wrx wagon, and he wants foglights like the ones that come standard in the 2003 and earlier models of the impreza wrx. he doesn't like the little ones that are on his 04, he likes the bigger ones like the 02-03. i want to buy them for him, but i really don't know anything...
  8. 04 WRX interior door panels?

    Interior Mods
    I need to replace mine and I found another member that's parting out his 05 wagon in another state. Does anyone know if those door cards will fit on my 04's doors? Just wanna know before I pay for them.
  9. WTB: 2004 WRX Dash Cup Holder

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I am looking for a dash cup holder assembly. The one that pops out above the radio. The little clip on mine broke, so I have to replace the whole assembly. Booo! Thanks for reading!
  10. WTB: 2004 STi wheels

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hello ladies and gents! I am looking for some new rims for my subie. Preferably 2004 STi rims, but may consider some aftermarket look-a-likes. Thanks for reading!! :thumbup:
  11. problem with engine - rattling noise PLEASE HELP

    Engine Modifications
    this is my first post/thread on here....ive been on and off as a guest to get a feel for the fourms...ok so heres my deal, i drive a 2004 wrx, i live in upstate NY. recently when i start my car up from cold i hear this rattling noise as it revs up, once started it stops...i hear this noise...
  12. 2004 WRX Heads question

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Well my brothers 04 wrx 2.0 was tested at the dealer today. They said he fail the compression on # 4, wet test was only 15lbs. So this means the heads on that side are toast right? Does the engine have to come out to have the heads replaced? do both heads need to be removed and replaced just to...