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  1. 2003 Bugeye Getting No Boost

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hey all, I have a 2003 bugeye WRX with an aftermarket downpipe and and cold air intake. Turbo and everything else is stock. I was driving it the other day and noticed I was getting no boost to the point where i was registering nothing on the boost gauge. Usually on idle it sits at -22 on the...
  2. Rare 2003 Automatic WRX Wagon - Silver - $3995 - SC

    Vehicles for sale
    For Sale: 2003 Silver WRX Wagon - Automatic - $3,995 - South Carolina 180,254 Miles / 831.6 On Current Oil Change All Stock Except Tein Flex Z Coilovers Installed April 2018 6 Disc CD Changer Cassette Tape Player AM/FM Radio 1 Additional Full Size Wheel/Tire All 4 Stock Coilovers Included...
  3. For Sale 2003 Subaru WRX Sedona Red Pearl Sedan

    Vehicles for sale
    Craigslist Post thanks for looking
  4. suggestions for new tires?

    Suspension & Wheels
    I have a 2003 WRX and I'm in the market for new tires. Not wanting to change out tires for seasons, I'm looking for a high performance all season tire. Probably will be in the snow and ice 10 times a year, but mostly highway, in town driving as trips to the hills for camping and biking. I'm...
  5. 2003 Impreza RS overheating

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I have a 2003 Impreza RS and the engine is overheating. I have had the radiator pressure tested, they let it sit, and there is no issue there. No leaks anywhere in the system. Just changed out the thermostat and the problem has continued. Any Ideas? I can email you the video of it steaming up...
  6. Impreza Wrx Sti type uk 03 plate bulb size for Hid kits

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Hi guys, i have recently bought a Hid kit for my car and im struggling to fit them. The company i bought them from said my car needs H4 fitting and what came on the box says H4-3. firstly is this the same as H4 and also is my car definately H4 fitments on the Dipped beam. My impreza is a Wrx Sti...
  7. 2003 WRX Timing Belt Replacement?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I've got 84k mi on my 2003 WRX Subaru. The dealership wants me to replace it to the tune of $615. Is this something that should be considered urgent? (Everything at the dealership is urgent , so I wanted a real world opinion.) Thanks, Sally
  8. My 03' Black REX

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Here's a few pics of my suby, I brought it out west with me on a Pipeline project.
  9. For Sale/Trade WTT: 03 wrx wrb for 04+ wrx

    Vehicles for sale
    Not sure of the response I'll be getting but I'm looking to see if anyone out there is interested in my 2003 world rally blue wrx for any 04 and up wrx. May seem like a stretch and I would throw some cash their way as long as it's not beat and in good shape. My car has 105,000 miles stage 2...
  10. MA: 2003 WRX excellent condition except seized shortblock

    Vehicles for sale
    2003 Impreza WRX (bugeye) FOR SALE 105,xxx miles exterior & interior in good condition short block is seized asking price $5,000 O.B.O. (flexible!) Boston, MA Here's the scoop: This is a phenomenal car! It has been my daily driver for 60k and ran beautifully until this unfortunate mishap...
  11. Look to see how WRX compares to real world cars

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    I work with a lot of car guys and we routinely organize group drag racing events. Below is a list showing how my 03 WRX stacks up against everyone else. My WRX is nearly stock with only a gutted first cat in downpipe, shortram intake, and manual boost controller set to 14-15psi. I have some...
  12. Hello Friends.

    New Member Introductions
    Well, where to begin? First, I have got to say that I am really excited to find a group of people who are so into Subaru. I want to thank anyone in advance who takes the time to read this or reply. With that said, Let me tell you about my car. It is a Yellow 2003 WRX. I bought it with 51,000...
  13. Torque Specs for 2003 WRX

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I've just finished going through all the brake pad tutorials, and information about torque specs out there, but I have a question I can't find the answer to. What is the torque value for the 14mm caliper bolts on a 2003 WRX? I have the 2002 Service Manual, and it says it is 27.5 ft-lb for...
  14. Cheap engine mods

    Engine Modifications
    I have an 03 wrx. i was hoping for some cheap engine mods with some good gains. i have a price range of around $600. Any ideas?
  15. questions about 03 wrx auto to manual conv.

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    I've got an 03 wrx auto, and was wondering what all i would need to do a conversion to manual from the auto trans. Somebody is parting out their wrx locally and im thinking of going to see if they've got all the necessary parts for the conversion since it looks to be the same gen. list of parts...
  16. 165 k

    Engine Modifications
    I finally have put enough money aside for some serious mods, but after a lot of thinking i don't know if i should invest. my 2003 wrx has 164,500 miles on (mostly highway) but i'm doubting how much longer the car will last as a whole and if its worth putting the time and money into. can anybody...
  17. Rims

    Exterior & Appearance
    I found a set of 2000 impreza stock rims i want to put on my 2003 wrx for winter use but i can't find a definate answer that says they won't fit my wrx. any ideas? the only difference i found is the offset. offset of the 2003- 50mm offset of the 2000- 53mm
  18. Im losing my head over headers!

    Engine Modifications
    So its finally time to put new headers on gianna (03 wrx). Only problem i have is which to get. Ive seen the perrin equal length headers, but do those really give more power than ones that arent? Basically want to know wat one is the best. As always, performance comes first, money second.
  19. I need a downpipe and preferably a hks ssq bov

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    I have a 2003 subaru wrx and i need a new down pipe and a bov. I would prefer a hks ssq bov but beggers cant b choosers so ill take watever some one offers me. I desperately need it by this month.
  20. 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan - $10500

    Vehicles for sale
    Car in great condition! Pearl blue with a rear spoiler and black interior. Fun to drive and very practical (especially in the winter)! Driven mostly on the highways and very conservatively. Manual transmission. 1yr all-season tires, no accidents, first owner. Very clean interior and very well...