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2002 subaru impreza wrx

  1. First time Subaru buyer

    New Member Introductions
    Theirs a 02 Subaru Wrx for sale and in the description it says it’s pushing 360hp 420torque I’m not sure if it’s stock or not motor and transmission, but would it be worth buying it’s meant for a daily I know not the best daily but I love Subaru’s and I wouldn’t mind spending a little more on...
  2. 2002 WRX for a track car?

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    New here, not sure if there’s a better place for this. Found a very well kept 2002 WRX, well priced, already has turbo back exhaust, lowered, new brakes, 18” wheels, TGV delete (with CEL). That being said, what are the main differences in the WRX and the STI? I believe I would be missing out...
  3. Help! Misfiring problem

    Engine Performance
    Hello all, To start off, I have a 2002 wrx hatchback that I recently purchased (stock all around). Bought with a engine lean code, which was the front oxygen sensor. After a couple of weeks, car threw misfire codes for all cylinders. After taking to shop and running smoke test I was told it was...
  4. Want upgraded aftermarket brakes to fit stock 2002 wrx rims

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Obviously a set of $3,000 brembos would require new rims. Im looking to replace my brakes with something better than OEM, but im scared anything I might order is going to require new rims. Does anyone have any advice or specific brakes for a 2002 WRX with stock rims. [Im not really trying to...
  5. Newbie to Subies

    New Member Introductions
    Hey folks! I'm KB in FL, and I joined this forum to get educated and to get help in researching/acquiring a WRX. I've been out of the scene for about three years (read "car-less"). I was into the EVO 6/7/8/9s and dabbled a bit in BMWs and Mercedes in Europe. I like the 2002/3 WRX style lines...
  6. 2002 WRX - Video

    Member Show-Off & Photography
    Hey everyone, I have done 2 short videos and am working on a big one, please feel free to check out, comment and rate my video. I need a little help. I bought the car and mods had be installed already, and so far i can not figure out what type of exhaust/ muffler i have on my WRX. Please...