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  1. For Sale 2007 WRX TR 33k+ miles lots of upgrades

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    :blah2:2007 WRX TR Obsidian Black, 33k and change miles located in Colorado Springs, CO This vehicle has been well taken care of, never abused, always serviced at Heuberger. With a clear title, clean carfax report, no accidents, no liens and not bank owned, I have the pink slip and am ready to...
  2. Greddy 18G or VF34 Turbo on a 2.0 WRX

    Engine Modifications
    I'm looking to do a build and I found two turbos I was interested in. Ones the 18G and I can get that for $200 with 10k on it or the vf34 with 30k but has the wastegate crack for $250. I'm looking for a fast sporty day driver that I could have some fun with on the weekends. I'm going to do a...
  3. 18g big turbo, engine life

    Engine Modifications
    Hey all, I've been on this forum quite alot recently because I am seriously considering picking up a 2004 wrx wagon with stage 4 18g turbo upgrade. From what I have discovered, this upgrade has been on the vehicle for the past 40k miles. It was professionally installed and tuned with all...