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  1. Engine Modifications
    Hey all, I'm putting a Blouch small 16g on my 2004 WRX this weekend and obviously the stock turbo heat shield won't work. I emailed Cobb and asked if their turbo heat shield would fit over the Blouch and they didn't know if their heat shield would clear the wastegate actuator and such. I'm...
  2. General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    wow its been forever since ive posted on here. lets get the basics out of the way first. 2002 wrx, catless uppipe, catless 3 inch turbo back, 16g, previously tuned for stage 2. now for the details. a guy i work with recently did a hybrid swap to his 2002 wagon and got a brand new 16g for the...
1-2 of 2 Results