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1/4 mile

  1. Comparison: WRX vs World
    Can say either stock or not i just want to know where i stand within the WRX world. First time doing 1/4 mile and i had Cobb Stage 1 on it. My time was 15.60 seconds. Don't know if thats bad or good but definitely know its not the best
  2. Motorsports Talk
    So I just got back from my first time to the drag strip, it was kinda disapointing....I have an 02 wrx with uppipe, TBE, cobb short ram intake and a cobb accessport with the stage 2 map for estimated 285hp. I took 4 passes and my best time was 14.58 (all my passes were right around this) I am at...
  3. New Member Introductions
    a couple days ago i went on a site it asked for your car hp and told you what your approx 1/4 mile time was. i can no longer find this site does anyone know what it might be?