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08 wrx

  1. turbo fail?

    Engine Modifications
    newbie to wrx and to turbo so please bare with me. i just bought an 08 wrx only 60k miles, 3 days later wierd sounds started happening under my hood. I pulled it in my shop and i was shooting out smoke like it was on fire lol. I drained the oil and smoke started coming out the pan... looked at...
  2. For Sale FS: 08+ SPT Catback Exhaust (Hatch)

    Personal For Sale & Wanted
    Hey guys, first off, thanks for looking. I purchased my 08 wrx just over 2 months ago and it came with all kinds of SPT components. I like the nice growl of the exhaust, but.... I needed louder, so I got the Nvidia and am looking to sell the SPT. It was on the car for about 6 months and has...
  3. Looking for some enthusiast advice

    Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, I wanted some advice on what I should do about my car in order to fetch the most value for it when I sell it in January. Unfortunately, I need to pay off student loans and I will be living in an area where I don't need a car, so I must say good-bye to my 08 WRX Sedan. I was looking...
  4. Cone filter possibility?

    Engine Modifications
    I have an 08 WRX, and am wondering if a cone filter will work on the car. I noticed a sensor that connects to the top of the stock air box, and if i were to do a cone filter the sensor wouldn't really have a place. What does this sensor do? whats it called? is it possible to get the cone...
  5. High Beams on 08 WRX

    Interior Mods
    got the running lights out. but cannont figure out how to get the high beams and body have step by step picture instruction?