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  1. Engine Performance
    Hi Guys! I have an 06 WRX current mods: Blow off valve, high flow catted DP, Catback exhaust and a tune I have the current parts to install: Blouch 1.5xtr turbo Process West TMIC Process West CAI 1050ID injectors 255L fuel pump TGV deletes Perrin Turbo Inlet IAG AOS 3 Port boost...
  2. Engine Modifications
    Hello everyone, I'd like to first mention that I am 19, by no means a car expert and am not knowledgeable to confidently talk about the ins and outs of my car (yet) and this car for now is simply my daily going 4-5 miles for work as I wanted something with a little more power, and something that...
  3. Engine Modifications
    Hey guys, Just looking for where the best place to buy a Subaru sti engine, transmission basically everything for my 06 wrx I’m unsure of where to start looking or what I’ll need so just looking for a view people who can steer me in the right direction
  4. Member Show-Off & Photography
    Whatsup everyone i just joined the community and am pumped to start digging in, especially now that I just bought my first Subaru after years of being a fan! I got my hands on a ’06 Wrx Tr that, in my opinion, was well taken care of and boasted a lot of life to live. 2 owners (both older...
  5. Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    I logged some parameters today and i found that the FBKC is not "0" but FLKC is... is this bad? im a total noob looking for help, im attaching the fine learning knock correction table of my car if it helps. Thank you very much. Car: USDM 2006 WRX TR, "Gabedude Stage 1 R30", 91 oct...
  6. Member Show-Off & Photography
    This is my 2006 WRX that I purchased new, in June of that year. The day after I picked it up. I've owned several Subaru's over the years, but never any new or turbo'd!!! After it was good and broken in, I installed an HKS TB, Cobb AP Stg. 2, and a couple gauges. EVEN BETTER!!! I've done a...
1-7 of 7 Results