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First Subaru for me as I’ve been a Nissan/Toyota lover since I can remember.
Built for 800 it has 500 to the wheels
quick pick of the views i get when driving home on the Northern Coast of Newfoundland
Go check out my insta page for more pics! @wrx.4tnite, it’s got new wheels, it’s bagged, lots of carbon fiber, and a tune/exhaust is next!
STI short shift. Perrin Shift Stop and bushing. Not a big mod guy. I like quiet and reliability
This was my first attempt buying a Bugeye sight unseen
My new baby, fresh off the plant 07/25/19
Just got a new 2016 wrx base model. I'm still a noob with these cars. Need advice on what to start modifying/adding first. What to do and what not to do.
Car has pipe to pass inspection and is valid in NJ until 2020. Printed Carfax available o serious inquiries only.
SubieDinner Showcase's his 2017 Subaru WRX
Just a stock photo