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  1. US131 Dragway: College Battle Night

    Off Topic
    Like the hazards Joe. What are you shooting for on June 10th at P&L when you get tuned?
  2. video of my STi and bro's BMW 318ti/M3 conversion....

    Off Topic
    Great vid. now you two need to line them up!!!!
  3. Autometer mech Oil Temp install ?'s

    Interior Mods
    I just recieved my oil temp gauge and was wondering if the 1/2" mounting nut will fit in the gallery plug locations or if I am going to have to drill into the pan? They also have a 3/8" adaptor if that works?
  4. MRT Turbo Backs and Cobb Catbacks Ready to Ship!!

    Vendor Archived Threads
    any sound clips of the cobb and do you have any cobb downpipes?
  5. Suprised A Ferrari Yesterday!!!

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Love the exotic kills. I had a Jag want to race me when it was drizzling out. I was through the light and into 2nd before he stopped spinning his tires. He then did the fly by after I let off. He wasn't smiling though.
  6. Lost to an Audi S4 wagon...

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Those cars can be super fast. They take to upgrades very well. At least you didn't spend $50 large on a car.
  7. 04-05 WRX Accessports in Stock

    Vendor Archived Threads
    Thanks for getting back so soon. It is on the B-day list.
  8. 04-05 WRX Accessports in Stock

    Vendor Archived Threads
    When is your next shipment coming in? Do you have any for the STi? Same price?
  9. Fable reviews

    Off Topic
    I think its just for Xbox and it does rock. I bought it 2 days ago and have already logged 10 hours of play time. can't stop playing.
  10. Turbo Geo Metro running 9's...

    Off Topic
    That is one bad metro.
  11. Perrin downpipe

    STi Engine Performance
    slowmo did your perrin bolt to your stock exhaust without any problems or did you have a catback system to bolt it to? Sorry for going off topic :)
  12. Dyno Tuning has begun!!!! woooohoooo

    Engine Modifications
    Would love to see the mod list. Those are some great numbers.
  13. A Different Gauge Set Up, for my Sti

    STi Technical Forum
    I would like to see night shots too.
  14. Two New WRX STI questions

    STi Technical Forum
    I believe that the arrows change the percent all the way down to 65% rear and 35% to the front and each arrow is 5% until locked. Don't quote me on this but that is what I think I was told.
  15. I like the women with the WHITE HUUUR

    Off Topic
    Now thats funny. I like the shirt at the end.
  16. What Next??__??

    STi Technical Forum
    I agree with the EM and injectors before the turbo upgrade. Oh and it's Perrin
  17. My Trip to the Track 8-13-04

    Off Topic
    License plate delete good idea expecially after what they did to those vdubs on the highway with the kid video taping them going through the cones on a construction site not good for your defense attorney to see. Other then that great video.
  18. Beautiful STi donuts

    Off Topic
    doubleJ you da man! I did donuts like that in a wet parking lot but not that many, I would of thrown up in my new car, Heck I don't let anyone eat in my car let alone me barfing in it. I am surprised you weren't walking funny. the last time I spun my cat that many times her back legs were...
  19. motion pics! show what you got

    Exterior & Appearance
    Those are some sweet pics. I wish we could get a group of subies like that around here.
  20. Best mod for under $300?

    Engine Modifications
    Upipe or downpipe.
1-20 of 109 Results