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  1. 2018 WRX Premium

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome c_john2013. If you wish for a list of 35 very low or no risk mods, click on the link within my signature box.
  2. Newbie subie

    New Member Introductions
    Congratulations on your beautiful new ST1! Nice pictures too.
  3. Tire Dilemma

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    While I have a dedicated winter tire set (with studded Nokia Hakkapeliitta 8’s), as we often go cross-country over the Rockies in the spring and fall when the weather is supper iffy, I changed from OEM Dunlops to Michelin A/S 3+’s for my summer tire/wheel set. It was a great move for the trip...
  4. Tire Pressure

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    Tires are extensively tested during development of a new model, specifically in conjunction with the entire suspension system, all safety systems, and so much more. Other than professional racers who have specific tire pressure expertise, I am a believe that the rest of us should start with the...
  5. Ultra performance all-season tires with grip

    Suspension & Wheels
    Just removed the factory Dunlops and installed Michelin A/S 3+‘s. Perfect for our trips across mountains during iffy times of the year (though we still have a dedicated, second set of winters/tires which has Michelin X-Ice i3’s for when we go through near blizzards).
  6. New to subaru

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome Hatchwrx13. Happy modding. Good cautions by XJman.
  7. Next Gen WRX Will Offer Manual Transmission

    Transmission & AWD
    Damn, we just learned today that the next gen WRX will NOT offer a hatch. Subaru, why are you stupidly doing this to so many of us for a second generation. You just lost a sale because of this bad decision...
  8. Next Gen WRX Will Offer Manual Transmission

    Transmission & AWD
    The issue was potentially, that with a manual and the 2022 NHTSA requirement that all vehicles can come to an AEB (automatic emergency brake) to a full stop, what do you do with a clutched manual. Mazda was the first to figure this out (economically). My wife’s DD, a 2017 Mazda 3 GT with the...
  9. Next Gen WRX Will Offer Manual Transmission

    Transmission & AWD
    Subaru’s NA President Tom Doll just announced:
  10. Why Subaru don't measure up

    Off Topic
    Good one. I was comparing the last posts with the OP thread title, e.g., “Why Subaru Doesn’t Measure Up.”
  11. ‘17 Half Shaft/Bearing Issues?

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    On my 20,000 mile WRX, when driving straight on gravel roads, and even more when cornering on them, all at less than 25 MPH, my car has a rattling suspension noise. On pavement, the car is totally quiet. Corners and drives precisely at all times. Raised the car up on ramps yesterday. Found...
  12. new shift knob

    Interior Mods
    Very nice looking. Thanks for posting both the pic and the link.
  13. Considering buying WRX have a couple of questions.

    Spot on post mjmwrx. Many do not like the WRX’s non-linear OEM throttle. I just love the car and have grown used to that “characteristic.” It is such a fun car to drive. We are taking it on another 5,000+ mile road trip later spring. Can’t wait!
  14. Considering buying WRX have a couple of questions.

    90+% of WRX drivers chicken out going around corners — afraid to push their cars that last 10% of the car’s capabilities. Unless you are track skilled, you will be just as happy, just as safe on the Michelin A/S 3+ tires. In fact a friend of mine who works for TireRack for decades, considered...
  15. Considering buying WRX have a couple of questions.

    I have two sets of tires/wheels for my 2017 WRX. Ditto what has been posted above, that running the OEM summer HP tires when the temp’s get below 40 is not a good idea, in fact a bad idea living in NJ during your winters. A great option for your consideration, involving one set of tires and...
  16. Hello WRXers

    New Member Introductions
    Sorry I do not. However, as the WRX is made in Japan, travels across the ocean on a transporter ship, my guess is that it is a protectorant to insure no rusting along the one month voyage.
  17. Famous Movie Stunt WRX For Sale

    Apologies to Mods for posting this here — probably in the wrong place, but it is a highly built, super exciting WRX. Please move where best. Available at Mecum in Houston, April 5-7. (I have no relationship Mecum.) This is the 2006 highly modified WRX in the 2017 movie “Baby Driver.” Here is...
  18. Hello WRXers

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome stewiejames! Are you positive it is clutch smell, for often our WRX/STi’s have a exhaust system residue that needs to burn off over the first couple of weeks? I had no clutch smell, but did have exhaust residue burn off for that short time.
  19. Stupid Question about Floor Mats

    Everyday Impreza Talk
    After five months of rain, snow, mud and winter yuk, I brought out my floor mats, and clean them off once they were totally dry. They have not survived two such winters, yet look 95% brand new. Findway mats from Canada. Have and LOVE them. Wear like iron, and they do not look like rubber, but...
  20. Why I�m happy my lease ends in mid 2020

    New Cars/Prototypes Forums
    To digress on minutiae four a second, red lights are the one color that does not distract from night time vision — and why many tractors (as in tractor trailers), have at least some red lights in the cab for night driving. I love my red dash lighting, and like the OP, love my ‘17 WRX — though...
1-20 of 189 Results