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  1. Rolled the wrx last night!

    General Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Accidents.
    Glad to hear that there was no injury. Your car held up pretty well for what it went through. I was a passenger in a rolled Golf years ago, and it looked much, much worse. No offense intended, but given what just happened an STi or Evolution is probably not the wisest purchase. Both will get...
  2. Fs: Kuhmo Ecsta Mx

    MS: Local For Sale Only !
    Try listing them here too - - as we always have members looking for tires. You might also try craigslist. -pace
  3. Black WRX FMIC Spotting

    Mountain States
  4. Can a Stage 2 WRX pull a stock EVO

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    'Close', maybe. But 'even'; not in my experience, no. The EVO has both a HP and a gearing advantage over a stage-2 WRX. You're going to give away even more to any Evolution with the 10.5cm turbine housing, which I believe all the new EVOs run from the factory.
  5. Can a Stage 2 WRX pull a stock EVO

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Agree with that. I've owned both, and they're in a totally different class insofar as handling goes.
  6. Can a Stage 2 WRX pull a stock EVO

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Mine dyno'd at around 235WHP (uncorrected) at 5,500ft above sea-level last year. Identical numbers to those pulled by STi's on the same dyno around the same time. Buddy of mine pulled about 5HP more on the same day IIRC, with a 'stage 4' WRX. I was running stock boost but had the panel filter...
  7. Can a Stage 2 WRX pull a stock EVO

    Comparison: WRX vs World
    Your stock turbo has a ~25lb compressor. The Evolution comes stock with a ~40lb compressor. Go figure. Really though.. a well tuned 'Stage-2' WRX is going to be around 20HP down on a bone stock Evolution, so yeah if the guy driving the Mitsu is a total chimp then you could probably beat him...
  8. exhast shipping question

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
  9. Super Rupair

    Mountain States
    Draw straws?
  10. Super Rupair

    Mountain States
    When selecting an EMS that you will not be tuning yourself, your decision should probably place heavy consideration on local expertise in the individual systems. ie. System A might have more bells and whistles than System B, and may even be cheaper, but if the local shop primarily has expertise...
  11. Super Rupair

    Mountain States
    The guys at Super Rupair know their ish ! Be sure to report back for us after the reflash, Flatland.. :)
  12. Anyone ever make a racoon detector?

    Off Topic
    I caught a Black Bear in our trash the night before last. Bastard spread it all over my driveway. Will try to get a photo next time he visits. My buddy who lives close by has a few pics of a young bear shimmying up a tree to get onto his rear deck..
  13. Meet photos / hosting.

    Mountain States
    You did good. It was mucho fun! We'll do Moab later this year.. (am selling my streetbike to pick up a dedicated Enduro, so hopefully I won't run out of gearing like I did on the CR) ;)
  14. Blue wrx with grey wrc sticker

    Mountain States
    Link? I don't see it.. pace <-- Digs "Who's that tool?" threads.
  15. I got it right - 13G record at Bandimere

    Mountain States
    No doubt - the 'Weapon X' car is very quick! :) However, Larry - like the rest of us up here - is more concerned with setting high-altitude benchmarks I believe.
  16. Any1 else got ECUTek reflash done at Mac Autosports last week?

    Mountain States
    If you ignore the corrected numbers, you'll see that he's about 60-70HP over a stock STi. That seems perfectly reasonable for these modifications at this elevation.
  17. Headlight.

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    Not in the Engine Management forum!
  18. Got a RECKLESS DRIVING ticket

    Everyday Impreza Talk
  19. WRX Manifold Pressure Sensor

    Tuning: Electronic Engine Management
    The ECM relies on it for the safety (overboost) fuel cut. There's no fueling or anything of the sort driven from that sensor though, it that's what you're asking. -pace
  20. Are these Clay Models WORTHY Of Sponsership?

    Exterior & Appearance
    I like the integral fishpond on the tail of the sportscar model. I'm thinking the fish might exit stage before you hit 300mph though.. :sadwave: -pace
1-20 of 159 Results