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  • SD_GR ·
    Hi, clutch chatter is a rumbling or tack-tack-tacking sound and vibration that occur when the disc grabs onto the flywheel. If this is your problem it is not an issue. However, since you are concerned and since the parts you installed are expensive, take the car to have it inspected at a shop. In person they will be able to tell you better than I could what's wrong, if anything (in person is always best). Good luck!
    xxxxxxxAnub1s ·
    You running a Cobb Map? The map details for the Cobb AccessPort's VF34 map are:
    VF34 turbo, Stock TMIC, STi "Pink" 565cc fuel injectors, & turboback exhaust with a high flow catalytic converter.

    Sounds like you're okay, though I would really look into a custom tune if I were you. And to answer your main question in the thread, the turbo is supposed to make a whooshing sound when spooling and a bit of a whistling sound when in boost, so as long as it's not whining or sounding like it's grinding anywhere, you're probably alright :).
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