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  • Mikie13 ·
    haha totally. You better get them Prodrives on...I still may not be making this Victory Meet myself. I can't miss my buddy's going-away party.

    I need a total brake overhaul myself: DBA rotors, Hawk pads, SS lines...the works.
    2002_wagon ·
    Im just going with factory gears right now and yeah that is just the if everything goes good 980 lol. mainframe sold me the gears for 350 shipped. I got a steal :). later down the road i may get straight cut gears, I just want the darn thing to run already lol
    RayfieldsWRX ·
    Mine is much the same; a noticeable ding on the passenger door, a ding in the hood that's been there since purchase, a ding in my gas filler flap...thank goodness for Gimp.
    RayfieldsWRX ·
    So far, so good. It's been 1-1/2 years and closing in on 13,000 miles. It's still more power than I have use for. (Bear in mind that I drive the truck 3-4 days a week, so the WRX is always a treat) I drove it up to the mountains to have dinner with Trainrex last Friday, and it ran flawlessly.
    I wish the mileage was a bit better, but that's not exactly what you're going for when you install a hybrid in your car. :p
    Sinister ·
    I wish I could buddy... I have full time school, and full time work. I work 30hrs a week on the ambulance and 40hrs a week in the emergency room this summer. No time for fun :(
    mangostick ·
    dude! you had a mini vaca here and didn't say anything... whaaa.. man I sat around all weekend lol.
    What were you here for?
    96accord ·
    Hey Zax,

    I figured we wouldn't mess up his FS/FT thread...

    I know where you are coming from but let him/her learn... They will learn quickly too ;) I've had the HKS Carbon Ti and wow.. TOO TOO loud for me.

    KnightFury ·
    Yeh i noticed a good amt of increase set it it at a modest 15lbs in 2nd and max at 19 , i need to do some finer tuning (running really rich, the evap hose that always has an issue of coming off on the 03 had been disconnected on my last tune so need a wideband and better tune) but i really noticed the difference but will need to install and tune at the same time w/ any ebcs.. good luck keep me posted :)
    Kurtisg123 ·
    Does that intercooler support a bigger turbo also? also i have a question about the STi intercooler. That obviously supports the vf-39 but say i would go bigger would i need to go bigger with intercooler
    Kurtisg123 ·
    ok thanks, i dont really know anythning about different intercoolers. Where could i find one of those? also how expensive do they run
    Kurtisg123 ·
    Hey you have helped me before so i thought i would ask you this question. i am obviously looking to upgrade injectors, pump, and intercooler. but my question about the STi intercooler is it says, requires a longer turbo to intercooler coupler and a 3"x2.75" (interior diameter) throttle body coupler. i was wondering what exactly these were and where i could get them
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