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  • WRXMachina ·
    lol Thanks man, I figured all the good WRX themed user names were all gone. But I was lucky enough to get this name on here, instagram and google.
    Rofl it's Waffle ·
    Hey Zax, hope I'm not coming off too harsh. My only rebuttal was to add supportive detail behind the simple "do it this way because I said so" approach. I think often when people resort to forums, they're looking up to the guys who have been around this stuff for years like yourself and are often looking for more reason behind the action to help them decide what works best for their situation. :wiggles:
    dominicblogger ·
    Hey man. So i was just wondering about what you were saying about the SF intake without the tune. I want to put the SF intake into my 2012 wrx mostly for sound not performance. I've just always liked it. So what you were saying I think was that you could put into the car without the tune? Could you maybe explain to me how that all works and if it's safe for my stock tune and the SF intake? Thanks alot man!
    SD_GR ·
    The music itself is not for the faint of heart; if the suit, slicked back hair, sunglasses in the middle of the night, cigar, and more gold chains than Mr. T didn't warn you already, I'll just say that I can't imagine being sober and listening. Most of it is purposely vulgar, purposely quasi-Anatolian, and performed with an emphasis on drunken theatrics. He's not Maria Kallas or anything like that... Cheers zax! SD
    SD_GR ·
    Wow, I believe it! Bougas is not exactly world-famous, though he does take on a name analogous to "Leader of the Free World" or literally "Planetarch." The persona seemed like a terrific choice for an avatar to me... Very impressed zax, you are a great detective!
    MainFrame ·
    Yep.. I recently had it rebuilt because there were pea sized chunks of metal on the drain plug (left over from the previous owner). It should be okay with the way I drive, but I do have Quaife front and rear differentials in the works for the future..
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