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  • transfan0186 ·
    Did you fight your window tint ticket? Also did they check your car with the device? I received one and he never checked. He also kept his sunglasses on the entire time.
    jmb8806 ·
    hi i just read ur post on boost creep, i have an 06 wrx with a catless DP spt intak and exhaust and tuned at stage 2 and im getting boost creep, if i wanted to get an external waist gate would that most likely fix my problem? and who makes a good one?
    Elroy ·
    Hey I can't post a new thread. I have registered and everything but every time i try to put a new thread on I hit submit and I get to a page that says done. Any Ideas? I really would like to try and get some info on my CEL error code.
    imrbobby ·
    hi im new here but when i click a thread the person that started the thread is always at the end how do i fix this ?? >_<
    diegomedinaf ·
    Hello there... i am from venezuela. i have a low idle problem in my car... i changed the batt and after that my idle is very low, sometimes when i brake on corners or stops my car shuts down on me... i don`t know what to do... i was without batt for 45 min so, that means my ecu reseted, i`ve been driving this bad for 2 days... i was reading the thread... how can i solve this? do i have to re-reset my ecu? what do u recommend, driving is great reached 218km/h but after i got to zero, shuts down again..

    thanks for the help.
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