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  • LucWRX ·
    hey so I was thinking about just buying the stock boost controller and then reflashing my ecu with the acessport to put it down to a much more stock tune. Let me know what you think and thanks for all your help man.
    2ndSuby ·
    Hey, you were in on that 4EAT thread this morn with that fastasswrx twit werent you? The thread got deleted didnt it? Is there anyway to see it ? lol Kid cracked me up...
    projwrxday ·
    hey there, im way new to the wrx scene and noticed your in utah...i live in vernal utah and don't have many resources here so if your able to help me i would greatly appreciate it. so i purchased an 07 wrx tr, i bought a full 3" inch exhaust with a catless downpipe and intalled the 02 sensor in the pipe.. the car is idleing like crap after i get the rpms up and let it idle, the more i read about not having the cats and all the supporting mods or maps the more damage it could do to my motor. so if you could provide me with any direction as to what to do to my wrx that would be great.
    Damon V ·
    Thank you for your reply to my thread. noticed you were in Utah. I live in Herriman. Would you happen to know of a place that does excellent window tint? Thanks!
    zeus32 ·
    hey man sorry to bug, but im worried now. My mods are vf34 turbo, sti pinks, larger fuel pump 3" up pipe/down pipe and exhaust. Is this compatible for the vf34 map?
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