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  • gswaybright ·
    Thanks... I think I have some old truck liner rubber that should do the trick. Crazy the Koni didn't provide a better way to secure the shaft.
    gswaybright ·
    I read a post you made on the rear Koni inserts not having any feature to keep the shaft from spinning while tightening 17mm the shaft nut. I was trying to install mine today on my '02 WRX wagon when I noticed that, and thought Koni must have skipped a step in manufacturing. I have an email in to Koni, but do they really not have anything (like the front inserts have) and leave you to somehow clamp the shaft itself to tighten the nut?
    Redhead ·
    Don't know if you saw my post about the gruppe-s sway bars but Sinister said to ask you. Gruppe-s has for sale on their site their own sway bars for $115. I was wondering if you had any experiance with these or knew some one that has used them. I was just looking at the rear bar. After reading your swaybar sticky I decided to go with whiteline 24mm front sways and an adjustable 22mm rear. Thanks for your time.
    Draankol ·
    You seem to be the authority here on wagons. I just got an 04 and want to do some wheels and tires and leave the car stock, this is just for appearance's sake. I just got out of a highly modded 350Z and just need some peace for a while! I'll get into seriously later, but in the meantime, I need to cut down the Soccer Mom factor with some wheels and tires, but I cannot find the difinitive list of what sizes will work. Any guidance?
    drtXXX ·
    Sorry for not asking for advice and just posting a question to ha. Member sdlocsrf said to ask someone how knows struts and springs and just "suspension obsessed" dude.
    drtXXX ·
    Confused I am.
    I have bought KYB GR-2 struts for my 02 WRX wagon to replace my stock ones. I have 115k on.
    I bought some Tein s-tech to replace the stock springs, thinking that it would be good to have new springs. But now thinking and reading that the s-tech's are for just lower your car, yes good for racing. But …I drive my car to and from work and just looking to update my old tired springs and struts. I also am trading for my old struts for some stock springs with 45k on them. He is going to do the Koni insert thing. Sounds cool. But I am just a street driver going to work and Cross Country road trips. What do you think would be the best thing to do going forward? I plan on replacing the struts, but not sure about the springs.
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