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  • JackalMech ·
    Sorry for not getting back to you in a bit, daughter was very sick. Are we still good? I will begin to reassemble the heads.
    JackalMech ·
    I can do $400 to include shipping. If you can, we will take $200 up front and the remainder after you recieve the heads (sent within 2-3 days after you recieve them). We will not take a personal check, it must come through money order.
    JackalMech ·
    I am not exactly sure what to sell them for. They have about 125K on them, but when the heads were removed and inspected they looked great. There is no visible damage done to them. The engine and fuel systems were taken well care of. I would guess about $500-600 for both (is this too much?). Everything is included. Heads, valves, retrainers, springs, cams w/ gears, etc. What would you offer? I may settle for less as I am in the process of building a new EJ257 longbock.
    benson156 ·
    Know anybody down on your side of the state that'd want to trade tail lights from an 06 for some 04/05's???
    eclipse ·
    Ya local if u got any pointers or u want to meet up I am down for that. I would like to meet someone local that know about sti's
    Sinister ·
    I've been to a few Pirates meets. I'm not a fan of the forum, the setup of the forum, or the kind of people that show up to the meets. There are definitely some bad apples. The PMs are cleared. Go ahead and message me.
    Sinister ·
    Okay. It's done.

    What'd be AMAZING of you, is if you were able to merge all colorado posts from your original thread over to this thread. I'm encouraging local meets to be posted in this thread as well, and it'd be great to have all of those older members alerted as well as the new ones beginning after this post. It'd be a bit of effort. It's up to you
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