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  • ShinigamiBoo ·
    Hey! I just joined the site and also just bought my 2002 wrx and I have a mod list that I have on my car but they’re mainly there for the region I live in. Since I live in a really hot climate is it actually that bad to have a cold air intake on the car? I’m not familiar on how to spot turbo leaks or just things I should look for because it’s my first manual car! Any advice?
    zax ·
    In the interest of honesty, I'll divulge some of my worldly secrets:
    Google Images

    So, in truth, my intelligence and worldly character are nothing more than a manifestation of the great entity "Google." All this for no other reason then I am bored at work. Although I will admit that this excursion ultimately ended in viewing a few YouTube clips: TASOS BOUGAS FARMAKOMENA HILI - YouTube
    sawb_wrx ·
    hey i saw u on a old post and noticed your pretty smart so i have a question im throwing cel codes like no other the car turns on and b4 i start it the fans kick on then off on then off then i start it and the car will idle then drop real low and shut off and it wont boost like it used to iits an 04 wrx with a cobb exhaust and catless down pipe still has o2 sensor flange the check engine light is flashing and the codes arep1518 p0851 p1152 p1153 p0137 p0502 p0503 i dono whats up im a n/a guy freshly convertyed so all the help is greattly appreciated thanks
    SD_GR ·
    I saw it when it was first available on DVD. It was funny but in my view not as funny as their first film (The Big Dirty). I really enjoyed it though!
    Graham46 ·
    Have you watched countdown to liquor day yet? I watched it today, it was truly amazing... I laughed so hard
    Graham46 ·
    Haha thats awesome! Yeah I have seen every episode of the show, and Ive seen the movie the big dirty, but from what I hear there is a new movie of their's out called "countdown to liquor day" well both have to watch it. I think Layhey and bubbles are my favorite characters. Cyrus was always great too
    SD_GR ·
    I think TPB is absolutely phenomenal and is IMO the best reality show ever made. Since it's not a reality show, this makes my statement even stronger. I'm a huge Jim Lahey fan, and also a Phil Collins fan (in fact I proudly own a "Dirty Burger" T-shirt with Phil Collins and Randy on it -- the brown one Phil wears in "Jump the Cheeseburger" during Season 7). Fabulous show!
    Graham46 ·
    "let the liquor do the thinking" haha TPB, best show ever made... they just appeared in character on the jimmy kimmel show recently, its on Hulu if you type jimmy kimmel trailer park boys
    SD_GR ·
    Hi Tinman, Sorry the site is experiencing problems right now. The functions you can't get to work are not working for any of us at the moment. Please try using "open in new tab" in your browser. Thanks for your patience.
    tinman ·
    I just joined but I am having trouble with the site,I can't get the search to work and I have a lot of red X's.I try reload the page but no changes
    zeus32 ·
    thank you sir, what exactly is clutch chatter? Am i in risk of breaking anything or should i be ok? thanks again
    SD_GR ·
    No, I wish... That's a screen capture from the 08 Olympics. I liked it because it shows a different perspective (crowd, lifter's grip).
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