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  • EvoEatr ·
    Yo Man! Just thought I would give you and update, I ended up blowing a third 5 speed in the WRX ( of course the weak 2nd gear again ), I decided to go the whole way this time and placed an order for a 6 speed straight cut dogbox, I picked up the trans the other day and have everything ready to go back in ( just waiting on the clutch to get here )., Just thought I would give you and update on the REX. oh any pointers you could give me on driving a dogbox would be appreciated not sure if you ever messed around with one before, Ive done tons of reading and everything online and am pretty confident I will do fine. How are you making out man? Any projects?
    Stu_Gotti ·
    I was with 11th Engineer Battalion from 00-04, 2-69 was right down the street. Not sure how things worked out after 04, a lot of units were moved around and split up... it was truly a "new Army" at that point... it was time to go :] I was E4, 92Y... but did quite a bit of stuff with those Engineers... quite the 4 year stint, that's for sure.
    RallyWagon05 ·
    Hey Rick, check out the austim meet post from last year on NASIOC. There is a guy who wants to know if there will be one this year. He does a lot of fund raisers for Autism in NJ, his daughter is autistic and he is really into the cause. He even has his suby decorated with autism awareness decals. He wants to speak with you and see about this year, and helping you out along with bringing more cars from DE,PA,NJ.

    Dave, aka the redneck
    96accord ·
    Hey Stranger... I have been MIA. Work being busy + flew to South Dakota for cousins wedding + visited grandparents in West Virginia = no time for forums (any of them :( )

    I drove past Winchester Sunday (on my way home from Princeton, WV) and thought about you (no homo)
    Rogan ·
    I really liked the DF210s, honestly.. I thought they were quite comfy, yet responsive when need be.
    joesubaru7 ·
    Would you happen to know how the DF210 Springs compare to the Tein S-techs? Which is more stiff? S-techs are 249lb/in in the front, and df210's are 4.7Kg/mm. i did the conversion and they seem to be about the same. Any help would be appreciated, i currently have s-techs and am looking for a more comfortable ride.
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