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  • Mikie13 ·
    Hmmm...I'll have to think about it...I was thinking of picking up a basic Prosport and be done with it. Money is as tight as Zax's virgin butthole right now...
    ryland ·
    Here is a link to a gallery with a few quick pictures I just took.

    MobileMe Gallery

    There is the Pulley, and the semi-dirty-to-be-cleaned IC hoses, as well as the 5 hose clamps (two big and three smaller ones).

    I think that it would all fit in a priority mail flat rate medium box ($14 i think). The IC hoses might be a little wide but they are silicone so they won't get hurt or anything, and I can make sure to wrap up the pulley in some bubble wrap.

    I found the original box for the pulley with the blank warranty card (I think) and also two Perrin stickers as a bonus.

    I think total would be like $118 or so? That sound about right?

    Let me know if you want to finalize this and I can give you my paypal info.

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