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  • zax ·
    hmmm, I know the EWG helps boost control and flows much better at low revs, but I didn't expect you to gain like 40 whp... did the tuner say it was mostly from the PNP job? Either way, close enough to 300whp!
    zax ·
    That IHI turbo + tune really transformed your setup eh? 333 wtq hot DAMN that must be a rocket at low revs.
    MrBluerex ·
    Hey I haven't talked to you for a while, so I fihured I'd drop you a line and say hi. I was deployed to Iraq for a while, but I'm back now. I just got my headers/ up-pipe installed. Got a few leaks, so gonna weld those up this weekend. How's stuff with your rex? Hope to hear from ya soon, Chris.
    WRX-PL ·
    Hey I like how your front end looks lol, I like the grill and lip , did u get those online anywhere and if you did can you give me the website ?
    Sinister ·
    it's now called the HDSS (Heavy Duty Super Street) clutch, and the part # I believe is SB5-HDSS. 06-09 use the same clutch plate and flywheel. I wouldn't resurface the flywheel because it'll be outside of subaru specs. The flywheel I have is designed for drag racing, and street drive-ability. It drives like the stock flywheel, and launches like the stock flywheel, but I did gain gas mileage, and it does rev a little quicker. Also there are no CELs. It's the ACT StreetLight Flywheel.
    speedWRX03 ·
    Hey What's happening? I just wanted to ask you what kind of power increase you recieved after the intake, TBE, and the tune? I have an 06 with TBE so far but looking to get it tuned within next week or 2. and do you know if the intake is good for anything except for sound??? heard multiple answers...
    1_FAST_WRX ·
    Hey man looks like we have the same car. I was justy wondering what color interior you have. Mine is tan and I just thought it was odd to see a red WRX with a tan leather interior.
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