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  • sailoron7 ·
    I live in PA where emissions are tested.
    I think I need a downpipe to get stage 2. I am looking for made in USA. I see from your post this must be catted. Ant recommendations?
    Thx> Ron
    tnguye09 ·
    thanks man it looks great on your car. I've been looking for lip for mine but all I can find are the $300 ones and I don't think I wanna spend that kinda money on something that I will scrape the hell outta it lol.
    tnguye09 ·
    hey I saw a picture of your car with an ebay lip in one of the threads. Which one did you buy and how is the fitment? Do you mind sending me a few close up pictures if you have a chance?
    jd92677 ·
    Welcome to the club! I'm fairly new to the area here so I really don't know where you could go to get it installed. I did mine myself and would certainly be willing to help you out with the install. It's a pain in the a** without a lift so if you knew someone with a lift you could use for about an hour that would make life much easier. Look up, lots of local guys there, we could have an install day, have a bunch of guys that need things done and get to meet some local people. Good luck with the Subi and hope to see you around!
    Hefalump ·
    I noticed that you live in Cincinnati and have installed the Kartboy Short Shifter in your WRX. I just bought a 2010 WRX hatch this past Tuesday and one of the few things I don't like about it is the long soft shifts.

    I also life in Cincinnati (madeira/kenwood to be exact) and was wondering if you knew anyone that would do the install for me or would be willing to assist if I decide to go that rout soon?
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