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  • hclx98 ·
    I just read the rule and was wondering if my avatar is too much. If so let me know i will change it xD never mind i took it off.
    hclx98 ·

    I would like some sticker if you guys still giving out, and what address do i send my mail to? I was thinking of putting it on the visor if it stick :D If not front lip. Thank you. -Tuan
    2011REXRoyalBlu ·
    Hey blazin, are the stickers still free? I read in the forum I have to send a self addressed and stamped envelope to you where is that? Can't wait to pop some on my 2011 rex :)
    Tibones ·

    I'd like to become a vendor. I need instructions, I am not from any committee, I'm just trying to sell some of my custom t-shirts to make some fundamentals. Let me know..
    roxstuff ·
    Sorry for the past infraction regarding an event posting. I know I shoulda read the rules . . .
    As an introduction, I am on the SCCA PDX/TT/CT Committee for the WDCR region. As such I would like to post occasional event notices about our events for your members to be aware of. We are having an event on Spetember 25-26 on Summitt Point Main.

    Please advise if I can obtain vendor status to post a notice regarding this event.

    Thank you

    John Rock
    [email protected]
    410 952 3029
    baru-by-u ·
    Do you still got the Clubwrx sticker if so please send on to
    121 NE hillcrest circle
    Branford, Fl 32008.

    i got to rep the site
    TinyWreX_09 ·
    blaze, is there anyway I can post up something about an upcoming event in NJ? Its called Street Wars and its a breast cancer fundraiser. They raise a lot of money and I just wanted to tell people about it. Maybe some people in NJ would come down for it.
    bluesbrother ·
    Hey, I ordered my ClubWRX stickers close to a month ago and also signed up for an Ebay account to get the license plate frames, I can pay for those to if needed. I really wanna spread the word in my area. I'd love to get them ASAP.


    If you need verification of any kind I can send you the paypal recipt.
    KazeVelara ·
    Hey, I ordered club decals around 2 months back from the Shirts and Stickers section and I havent got them... :( I really love the club and I wanna spread the word around better to any others. Let me know whats up with them, thanks!

    MiddMackAttack ·

    Hoping to get some clubwrx decals, new wrx owner, quite a few rex's flyin around down here, love to get the word out. Anyhow, I'd like 2 silver ones if possible, I have no problem making a paypal donation. let me know if you're still doing this,


    Mushashi_Bunta ·
    I would like to run this by your first. I am transitioning from Subaru to Nissan S14 and have found something that might help even the playing field between STI and EVO. I am not a vendor, I just happend to find this company that makes a wonderful product and would like to share it with the Subaru community.

    Let me know if its appropriate to post somewhere in the Classified threads.

    Best regards,


    I am working with L and E Fabrication LLC to get us a group buy. They are willing to give us $150.00 off the listed price of $524.99 for Subaru applications and $724.99 for S13 & S14 if I can get a minimum of three people interested and the same would apply if we get more interest. The list of applications are listed below.

    I have recently drove a Subaru around a short track and a high speed track equiped with one of these and its great. Very easy to correct the car as it is also for over correcting for those of us drifters among us. The steering wheel has a heavier feel from column which is great for track driving.

    S13 & S14: Because this is a new market for them, they requested that those interested will have to provide their own columns or core and no core charge will be applied. And anyone outside of what’s currently available will be considered custom, but if we get enough interest for that model it may just well be another category on its own.

    I plan to have this up for about 3 weeks to a month to gain as much interest as possible and if more people are interest I'll keep working with them to keep the prices affordable.
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