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  • bjf498 ·
    Hey did you go to that pinks all out thing? I think that was you that honked at me when I was sitting in my car.
    KidWitDaWRX ·
    that ride is sick my dude and thanks for the advice if they replace my motor imma tell them the syncros in the tranny are done too cause it like grinds into first but second still gud lol Il tell them after they aprove the motor though. I know what audacity right? I aways say go hard or go home.
    Yulri ·
    hey man mike (wrxcomplex) told me to pm you his number which is 337-254-0037 i've already met up with him down in lafayette and he and his crew is pretty cool. I'm in baton rouge myself, that looks like a nice sti you have there but i dont think i've seen you around?
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