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  • beg_pob ·
    Hey Big Sky . . . im so diggin' your grocery getter 09'. . . that thing looks badass . . . im thinking about getting a wrx 09 and i was wondering about the gas mileage you get with your car. city/highway .... foot to the floor/conservative driving . . .
    minato ·
    ah, I am in bozeman during the school year, and hardin (40 miles east of billings) in the summer. My bud used to live in Miles, he's in basic training now, he hated it there lol
    Big Sky WRX ·
    How's it going? Sounds like a pretty potent power plant :D I won't be of much help on your swap, all my WRX's have always had the stock turbo/stock fuel- I've upgraded exhausts and ECU's, but pretty much engine wise everything else has been stock. I'm 99% sure that someone here can give you a few ideas though :)
    dhay82 ·
    Hey buddy,

    I dig your style but it doesnt surprise me considering i"m from the northern part of the great Big Sky Country. Anyways, I'm living near Asheville , NC rebuilding a dam at the moment and i ride a 05 STi with some mods. Currently installed is a deadbolt 18g sucking 18 psi or .13Mpa. With and Perrin front mount and 4" down pipe into 3" out towards the back with stock end section finishing. I'm considering upgrading to a something like a 20g and increasing her boost around 19-21psi on 93 octange. So i was wondering if you had any advice on this swap or ideas?
    Big Sky WRX ·
    thanks :)

    yes- snow (and cold -20 last night!!!), no the summer tires were taken off in early November and Nokian WRG2 snow tires put on. I mounted them on the oe wheels- they will be regulated to winter duty- have some BBS's that will be my "summer" wheel.

    My guess is the oe Dunlop will be terrible in snow and ice- summer compounds simply turn into bricks when the temp drops.
    elwray ·
    Hi there -- nice lookin 09 :thumbup:

    I was wondering if you've gotten any snow up there yet, and have had a chance to try the stock tires in it? It's gonna be here soon in Jersey, and I'm trying to put off buying a snow tire/wheel package until next season when hopefully by then someone finds a defeat or workaround for the TPMS light issue! :tongue:
    Big Sky WRX ·
    looks like you figured it out :) grill has sold, I'll check the thread to make sure it's marked as sold- welcome aboard too!
    panekmi ·
    Thanks for your method/tips on changing spark plugs. Your directions helped make my job faster and successful. I owe you one.
    drtXXX ·
    Thank you for reponding.
    Allready have the Tein's out of the box and looking at the other set of stock springs, do not wont to go with them. The sales person said to go ahead and try the the Tein's so planing on putting them on this weekend.
    Big Sky WRX ·
    the GR2's are basically a stock replacement strut, with those you would want to keep spring rates close to stock- probably the Prodrive springs would be most suited in that regard

    If you go the Koni route (the Koni's are an excellent damper) then I would suggest the STi wagon pinks- firm, but not too firm, lower, but too low- would be a nice combo w/ the Koni's
    drtXXX ·
    Confused I am.
    I have bought KYB GR-2 struts for my 02 WRX wagon to replace my stock ones. I have 115k on.
    I bought some Tein s-tech to replace the stock springs, thinking that it would be good to have new springs. But now thinking and reading that the s-tech's are for just lower your car, yes good for racing. But …I drive my car to and from work and just looking to update my old tired springs and struts. I also am trading for my old struts for some stock springs with 45k on them. He is going to do the Koni insert thing. Sounds cool. But I am just a street driver going to work and Cross Country road trips. What do you think would be the best thing to do going forward? I plan on replacing the struts, but not sure about the springs.
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