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  • Big Sky WRX ·
    hi- congrats on your new WRX I'm in Glendive occasionaly for work (but that's in my truck :))- I belong to the Yellowstone SCCA, but I haven't raced in Billings for some time as their venues leave a little to be desired (on the small side), I do go to Helena though quite often though as they have a great place to race

    bobswagon ·
    Hello Big Sky. I Also live in Eastern Montana. I'm new here and recently bought a 03 WRX wagon And I love it. How often do you make it to Glendive?
    jinwrx ·
    helo big sky.i'm new here n really dont anything about subaru wrx but m studying by reading the tutoriols n and really2 trying to understand abt the car.slowly but making cousin borrow my car 2 days ago n last nite when i pick it up n just abt to drive home the car was making the most nosiest clanking knocking sound in the engine area n suddennly there was smoke frm underneath the hood and my car i tow it home and wanting to find out what happen,i followed the step by step guide to how to remove engine parts n this is what i found. a hole in my engine.what should i do besides giving me the option of getting a new engine.can i fix it?n is it cheaper?i really dont have the budget to get a new engine
    niloc1347 ·
    Hey bro you seem like the go to guy for wrx questions around here. I'm not new to cars. i am new to subarus though and wanna learn to work on mine. I had a question about spark plugs. what is the difference between copper platinum and iridium and which one would work best on and 02 wrx? thanks
    fahr_side ·
    Hi. I have questions re. your GG thread.

    Koni has a new set of inserts / shocks for the GH but Koni USA doesn't have them in their system, or stock. Part #s are 8610-1453Sport and 8010-1055Sport. They are available overseas, but price is 2x the LGT set in the US. I might copy your build instead.

    What adj. are you using on your car and how would the LGT Konis do with the '08 STi springs I would use with them. I know the fr. will be lower 10mm and the rear unchanged. Since the LGT rears need a groove cut to move the perch, what would you do... cut at 15mm up to keep the same rear height or 5mm up to even out the drop?

    The rear stroke is shorter on the LGT Konis. Is that good or bad at stock or near-stock ride height? My car is a DD, no autox, just some spirited pass road driving.
    Fantod ·
    Hello - New here and kind of lost. I see that you are the go to guy on changing spark plugs. I could only find the last page of your thread about it. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks much.
    jimountain ·
    Hello Big Sky-
    good afternoon. I'm jimountain over on Nasioc and IWSTI,too
    last I checked I was number 5 for the rear knuckle tool- wanted to check up on status/time out
    just looking for a good suspension setup- and wondered if you are still keen on the DMS 40mm. Car is D.D. but I want to be serious with it at the track too.
    cheers for now,
    Big Sky WRX ·
    sorry I missed your message (pm works better)- the Com C's are a Group N like in they offer firmer bushings, they also offer modest increases in caster and camber- I think they are a great idea for those needing less than full on neg camber

    if you keep the camber reasonable (say -2.0 or less) and keep toe 0 you'll be fine for tire wear- rotate them often as this helps as well (I do mine w/ every oil change- more often during autox season)
    wrxmuch? ·
    Concerning top hats. I was reading about the group N's. Then I came across the Whiteline com c's which seem to be cheaper. Was wondering if you had heard good things about them. Are they easy to adjust? I looked on the flatirons tuning website and it seemed like they were a step down from full on camber plates.

    My next question concerned camber and tire wear. I had read on the alignment sticky that camber is a good thing as long as toe is at 0. I plan on running autox about 6-10 times a year and my wrx is mainly a DD. I'm looking to finish my suspension set up for this year with the Tic-Tok package from TIC with RCE Blacks! =-)
    Big Sky WRX ·
    the two I would recommend are the WRX pinks (wagon) and RCE wagon springs- the latter are tougher to come by as they did a big first run, but don't think they have done another

    RicardoPT ·
    Hey how are you. I owned a 2006 impreza wrx wagon and thinking of lowering it I read your thread about the perfect springs for a wagon but it kind of ended in 2007?!?
    Can you show me the right path in the present?
    Jcisneros ·
    I need sum help..Getting more hp out of my car... I hav a 04 wrx... The only mod I hav is a 3" tbe... What else can I do... What's the best way to go?
    Big Sky WRX ·
    if you haven't upgraded tires those would be my number priority, if you have sway bars front and rear w/ a good alignment (maximizing front neg camber)

    a 22mm ish bar up front and a 20mm ish bar in the rear will do wonders for handling- I like Whiteline bars- fit and finish is always good and they make adj bars (for the fornt and rear) which gives you lots of options to play w/
    Wrxthekid ·
    Hey whats up Big sky. I have an 08 wrx sedan. I was wondering if you could recommend any good suspension upgrades. I have a good amount of power ones, but i need some good suspension ones and really have kept most of the car stock..Thanks man..
    06 dubya ·
    hello i also replied to the velocity stack post but wasnt sure how much you check that though . so if you could let me know where you got the stack from it would be appreciated . the link on your post wasnt working . btw your car is looking great been following the progress . thanks
    beg_pob ·
    is the 09' wrx your daily commuter ? . . . i am also looking at the 09' civic si . . . both the subaru and honda are really good auto makers reliable and nicely priced. . i want something that doesnt really put a strain at the pump when having some fun with a car. but those numbers with the wrx dont seem that bad. . . . im gonna have to ponder on this a bit more . . .
    Big Sky WRX ·
    on the interstate at 80mph it averages ~ 26-27, around town it's 18-ish- I have one of the odometers that hs 3000 miles on- good mix of highway town and it reads 21 mpg

    foot to the floor- no surprise gas mileage goes down pretty quick :)
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