I purchased a 2005 STi transmission from Millenium Auto in Michigan last month. It came with the STi driveshaft, clutch and flywheel and I also purchased a ring and pinioned R160.

I paid 4500 for the whole set up. 3800 for the transmission w/clutch, flywheel, linkage, shifter, ect. 100 for axle stubs. 500 for diffy

It cost me 150 to get it shipped to a buisness address here. not bad at all.

Packaging was excellent. The trans was very firmly strapped to the pallet and the ancillary parts were very secure as well.

The condition of the trans was mediocre. There was more than 1 cup of broken glass in the boot and behind the pitch stop bracket. I'm glad there wasn't any blood or flesh.

There was a broken off vehicle speed sensor in the trans. a bit of a pain to remove, but not a big deal.

The differential was in worse condition than the original on my 02. No telling how soon the viscous will go out. Especially considering it does not come with a warranty. Could last forever, might go out in a week.

The driveshaft was in excellent condition, as was the flywheel.
The clutch looks like it has a few hotspots, but then again it looked just about as worn as the 5sp clutch i had for only 10k miles.

So now the big deal. I install the transmission and 200 miles later, the car locks out of first. I got it to my work and somehow while i was working, it locked out of 2nd too. I call Mil Auto and they are not going to fix it. The best he can do is look at it and offer a discount.

So I ship it back and in less than a week it is repaired, I'm 650$ poorer but at least I have a 6 speed that works.

All in all, I think Frank was very easy to work with. He helped me with all of my questions, and to my knowledge, was very honest with me.

I'd give this vendor a 3 out of 5 ONLY because they do not offer a warranty other than startup. Meaning, if you buy from them, and it breaks a day later...you're going to have to pay for it.
If they offered a warranty I'd give them a perfect score.

Bought tranny, installed it. it broke. sent it back. paid more money getting it back.
vendor is fast, helpful, fair with pricing and DOES NOT OFFER A WARRANTY.