America's Finest Downpipe.

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We take your feedback very seriously and what we were hearing after the initial release of the 02-07 downpipe was that although it was a very, very nice piece, it was a bit more than some people wanted to spend. So, despite excellent sales, we hit the drawing board and made some changes to our design and manufacturing process so that we would have options for everybody. The result is many additional options without sacrificing our extremely high standard of performance and craftsmanship and a raw, hardcore look that we think is actually really cool.
  • Proudly made in the USA - Design, Materials and Fabrication
  • Innovative 3-D Contour Flange (Limited models only)
  • FARO™ Arm Designed - We are at the leading edge of new product design hardware
  • Flanges Fully CNC Machined (Limited models only)
  • O2 Bungs for factory sensor and aftermarket wideband AFR
  • Divorced Wastegate for Optimal flow
  • GrimmSpeed Gaskets and Hardware Included - A $50 Value!

A downpipe is one of the first modifications that should be done on your car, as the OEM downpipe contains very restrictive catalytic converters, killing the power potential of your car. Within our complete lineup of downpipes, you have the option to add a high-flow, 300 cell catalytic converter, fully machined and contoured flanges with beautiful brushed tubes and black ceramic coating. Whether you're racing time attack or just to work and back, we've got the perfect downpipe for you.

Regardless of the options that you select, you'll be taking advantage of the massive amount of time and engineering resources that GrimmSpeed has put into the development of each of these downpipes. Using our FARO Arm, we collected 3D scanning data from a large sample of OEM downpipes to ensure that our design and welding fixtures represent an average fitment and not just a replication of a single OEM downpipe. From there, flanges and bend paths are designed for optimal flow and fitment. Internal wastegate gases are kept completely separate from your turbine outlet until they can be re-introduced to the exhaust system in a controlled manner. This helps ensure that boost control is solid and consistent.

These downpipes are serious business and they look the part. If you've ever been under the hood of a race car, you know that there's a distinct difference between 'consumer level' exhaust components and the real deal stuff. With GrimmSpeed, you get a piece of the real deal stuff. Our 1/2" flanges are the thickest around and are made from true 304 stainless steel. Bolt holes, regardless of whether or not you select the limited options, are machined for precise fitment. Of course, the burly 3", .065" wall tubing is also 304 stainless. Each tube is CNC bent and CNC laser cut for excellent fit and to facilitate welds that are both beautiful, but more importantly, are structurally robust.

Your options are as follows. We now have 16 different variations of Subaru downpipes to ensure that there's a downpipe in our product line for everybody! Fully machined flanges with 3D contouring and brushed tubing are included with each limited downpipe (additional info on our website). Here are the options:

Fitment: 02-07 WRX/STI/FXT or 08-14 WRX/STI/05-09 LGT(manual only)/ 08-13 FXT
Catalytic Converter: None or High-Flow Cat
Features: Standard or Limited
Coating: None or Black Ceramic Coating

See our full product listing to learn more about our design and manufacturing process and to understand what sets the GrimmSpeed Subaru Downpipes apart from every other downpipe available!

Catless downpipes start at $449.99 MSRP
Catted downpipes start at $599.99 MSRP

Flange and weld detail

Gaskets and Hardware are included with every downpipe, a $50 value!

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